How to search for Santa Clarita Valley CA pre foreclosures from Connor MacIvor

slideshare for business owners in santa clarita caPage Rank explained a little :)

Page Rank is a scale from 0 -10 showing a website's authority amongst other ranking factors.

SlideShare has a PR of 8, Youtube has a 9 and Google has a 9.

No Excuse

If you could add to your business on-line presence by posting on a pr8 website that has a lot of traffic, why wouldn't you?

Maybe it's the cost.  If you are already using PPC or other "paid for" systems, you may want to cut back and check Out Slideshare.

Reason being - It ranks your media/presentations high in the search engine result pages (serps).

Case and Point of the Paris911 team:

I rank GREAT on Google.  When it comes to Santa Clarita Real Estate, Santa Clarita REMAX, REMAX of Valencia CA, and other highly competitive keywords, we are on page 1 for the most part.

I look at Yahoo and Bing, not so good.  I'm there, but not as strong.  That was until I started using SlideShare... (I feel as if I'm selling a hair restoration product, which I need :) )

I am seeing My Slideshare videos/presentations on page 1 within the non google search engines results pages.

That is a blessing, and I noticed our phone started ringing a bit more often.

I have also noticed a 20% increase in traffic from the SlideShare postings and site to ours!!!

Get with it and if you have ever done PowerPoint in the past, SlideShare should be a breeze...