Short sales have been a big part of our real estate market during this current cycle. The Last Short Sale market was before Paris and I got into the real estate business. That was back at the beginning of the 1990's. It was at that time that I was a Brand New LAPD officer.

Working the Streets of Los Angeles did not do much to prepare me much for a career in real estate. I suppose the fact I developed a hatred for liars - maybe helps our clients.

To me, someone that would lie to another person to gain monetarily is despicable.

During a short sale that we had been handling there were some items that were apparently mishandled by some of the parties involved.

1. Our clients were promised a loan modification - but the bank, after supposedly about to approve it - after 10 months told our clientsAdvertising for our real estate sellers they were rejected due to the bank not seeing a "hardship". Come to find out it was because, at that point, our clients were not late on their mortgage - they had been eating away at their savings in an attempt to keep afloat.

2. Lost Paperwork - After up loading a short sale file into the internet based system that most banks use to handle their paperwork, we get verification. We had to do this process over 1/2 a dozen times for our clients and with this specific package. The bank called our clients and told them their short sale had been rejected because the paperwork was not received.

-That makes us look like we are the criminals of the century. It was at this time we had a conference call between our clients and the bank. Our clients were "silent" during the phone call when the bank counselor admitted we had upload the files that were requested but the bank had purged their systems over the past 72 hours and any documents received at or before that point were deleted.

3. Unless you are late, we don's see a problem/hardship - This one strikes me as very strange. Does a Short Sale owner have to be late on their payments, further injuring their credit score, for most banks to approve short sales? It would seem so. In this case our clients were current on their payments, removing money from their savings to keep up. The bank seemingly inched them along, promising them a loan modification - but only to refuse them in the end.

- It was not until we contacted them for the short sale that the bank told our clients directly that they would not approve their short sale unless they were late on their payments.

These are dangerous waters folks. The best way to handle them is to be represented by a qualified Santa Clarita short sale agent. That is why we write so much on the topic of Short Sales.

There comes a time when those that are speaking as if they are experts need to come to showing what they know. This is so others can form opinions about them and make better and more educated decisions.

Interview the local SCV short sale agents that are on top of the "organic" results on Google. You can differentiate the "organic" results from the sponsored - Organic will appear below the "local places ads" on Google.

Be safe - search well and see where The Paris911 Team falls within the Search engine results pages. (serps).