We have published lists, video and audio podcasts containing questions to ask real estate agents when someone was interviewing them.  Today, we have a whole new list.  We are big advocates of you not working with the first agent or team you come into contact with or reach out to.  Even if that Team of Agents is the Paris911 Team.  We are so confident in our abilities - We have no fear and want you to see how other agents field the following questions that are on the video below.  Here are the bullet points that we drew from when preparing this video:Santa Clarita mortgage brokers

  • How are you going to advertise my home for sale
  • What is winning a listing by price
  • How are you going to use photos in the advertising and where
  • Do you attend all functions personally when selling my home
  • What tips do you have that I may use to prepare my home for sale
  • Intel on the community, schools and more - do you know it
  • Cell - Level of Service available when listing
  • Commission - How much do you charge when it's Dual Agency and when it is not
  • Stats - how do you rank
  • References from past sellers - how about three

That is it thus far - you should be able to use this to guage how the agents you are interviewing are doing.  They should be fluid, well prepared and be able to talk about things other than real estate :)