Buying a Santa Clarita home with the Santa Clarita home expertsThe home buying process for a 50-day move-in. There is a way to adhere to these 10 steps and be moved into a home within a 50 day time period. The question you need to ask the Santa Clarita home experts, if if you should or take your time in buying the most expensive thing you will ever finance?

Here is a quick breakdown by the rule of 10 about buying a Santa Clarita Home in 50 days. Be well and when you are ready to give the Santa Clarita home experts a call to help you with your personal real estate needs.

  1. Meet with the Santa Clarita Home Experts and establish parameters, contact lender if needed.
  2. View real estate listings in accordance with pricing parameters with special assessments and HOA will be taken into account.
  3. Continue to View real estate listings
  4. Narrow the listings to meet "in person" viewing criteria.
  5. Write offer(s) on home(s) desired.
  6. Negotiate responses, price, offerings, and changes in timeframes.
  7. Continue negotiation and come to an agreement between seller/buyer.
  8. Escrow Opens, Inspections start, Disclosures Reviewed, escrow documents reviewed and signed, request for repairs negotiated. (45 Days typically, if cash potentially only a few days)
  9. Loan Document review and signing.
  10. Money Funded and Home Recorded. Keys are given to home buyers per contract.

How is that for a quick list?

The problem with lists of this type, which are time-dependent, is that most people should never be wanting to buy a home in 50 days.

A better list would be the 10 best steps to homeownership.

  1. Speak with a Realtor
  2. Allow the realtor to recommend a lender or vet yours
  3. Review the homes your agent is sending you
  4. View the homes you like with your agent
  5. Continue to keep in touch with your lender
  6. Find home and write an offer
  7. Negotiate well until offer acceptance
  8. Enter escrow - conduct inspections
  9. Negotiate repairs
  10. Close escrow

There are many reasons why this time frame may be more or less. First, most loans take 30-45 days to finish, even with the best of real estate lenders

Second, Most of the home buyers don't move that fast, but there are always exceptions to that rule.

What's your hurry with buying Santa Clarita real estate?

Top 10 list for Santa Clarita home buyersMy advice as a Santa Clarita home expert, don't jump in that quick. Take your time and wade in without making the water rough, as if you don't want to alert anyone.

Most of our home buyers take longer than a few days to find a home. They look, search and we visit a lot of homes in person. 

For each home they are interested in, we pull the comparables at the Santa Clarita home experts' offices.

The comparables are accurate, timely and within the scope of an updated appraiser's rulebook. Without these fail-safes, the values will come back wrong and you may venture into buying a home that is more than it is worth.

Of course, having mentioned the appraiser - they will ensure you don't pay too much for any home that is being financed. The bank(lender) never loses - Just know that exists, unless your agent had your "appraisal contingency" removed from the contract.

In a home buyer's market, maybe time is of the essence for a home seller. In a seller's market, it could be that time of the essence for a Santa Clarita home buyer.

If you are a home buyer and if conditions in the market are just right, maybe you should move a little faster with the purchase of a Santa Clarita residence. This decision is very personal and you should never let anyone push you into doing something that you are not ready to do.

Santa Clarita home experts rule number 1

Number 1 rule by the Santa Clarita home expertsNow for the top rule, we have when it comes to advising our clients. Never accept anyone's word!

Back up everything you are told in writing via a simple email clarifying what you were told.

Example: Telephone call - 

Lender: "Connor, we will be able to give you a 2.5% fixed interest rate and you will only have to pay us a flat fee of $360.00 to get us to do your loan for you. In addition, we are going to waive your appraisal fee as a courtesy."

Home Buyer: "Great Phil, thanks for calling me and letting me know how competitive you are able to be to get my business. May I have your email address so I may follow up with you?"

Lender: "Sure, it's blahblahlender@lendingworldcanyon.blah"

Home Buyer: - (make sure you recap the email.)

(As a home buyer, you can also, ask the lender to put all of what he/she told you in writing and send you that content in an email)

I find that way, when you ask the lender to send you an email recap, keeps the home lender or mortgage broker in a top position. In Wrestling, that is not the best position to be in when wanting to exhibit your best ground game.

Now, what you will do as a home buyer, recap everything that your lender told you in an email.

if you are dealing with a credit union, you may not be able to talk to a real person until you fill out an application online. These types of home lenders are mostly made up of hourly employees, who are not paid to give out their cell numbers.

So hence, they will not be available on weekends, after hours and during holidays.

Another good question to ask your lender of choice or the one who was referred to you is what their hours are and if they are available to be there for your questions during non-business hours.

Many lenders will do this for our clients. We don't have holidays off. We don't work only during a set of business hours. When we aren't sleeping, we are working. 

The lenders that we work with are adhering to the same standards for the Santa Clarita home expert's real estate clientele.

Buying a home in 50 days - recap

There are certain things that a home buyer needs to do to get ready to start the journey of buying home.

I have given the top 10 items that a home buyer must do to put them in the best position.

All of those steps start with a simple phone call and conversation related to the home buyer's best first step.

I'll be here for you when you are ready at the Santa Clarita home expert's offices.

Be well and please let me know when you are ready so I can activate!