Professional Santa Clarita real estate servicesYou have probably heard that it is taking little to no effort to sell homes in the current Santa Clarita real estate market. While that is partially true, getting showings and offers do not take any sort of an expert, just the Multiple Listing Service, MLS.

Article - why do you need a real estate agent?

It's the investigations, counters, and negotiation that is critical in this market.

There are many unknowns that need to be revealed when it comes to who wants to buy your home.

You can multiple those "unknowns" when a market exists in Santa Clarita where multiple buyers want to buy most homes that are listed for sale.

They come in droves, the showings from 9 am to 6 pm are typically 15 to 30 minutes back to back.

There is paperwork that has to be filled out and signed pertaining to COVID and all showings are set by appointment only.

In addition, there are other fail-safes that come up from time to time where a home seller will want to have a buyer pre-qualification letter sent so they can review it before the appointment is confirmed.

Of course, all visitors should be protected, should not touch anything, and use sanitizer before and after the viewing.

Two people plus one realtor are allowed inside for each showing, if more wish to view the home they have to be taken inside in <2 at a time.

The Santa Clarita real estate market currently as of March 11, 2021, is a seller's real estate market.

For those of you who may know, and for those of you who may not, I'll explain what it means to be in a Sellers Market.

A Santa Clarita Seller's market is one with very little in the way of (other)seller competition. There may only be one home for sale in a particular neighborhood. Hence, in that case, the seller does little in the way of reflection concerning what they "have to" do to get their home in "top sales" shape.

1 - Check out your competition before spending any money

Maybe it's for an easier sale, maybe the agents really think the sellers are going to get the same money out that they put in for the upgrade?

If you don't have any competition, be frugal when it comes to paying for upgrades and renovations before the sale. 

If you have really bad carpet, you may consider giving a carpet allowance. However, even this should wait before showing your hand. Get the home on the market and get some constructive feedback first.

You'd be surprised in a Seller's market how little it takes to get your home ready to show optimally and to sell for the best price and terms.

Start spending money on flooring, paint, or anything other than making the home q-tip clean, you may be doing it for not.

The competition is easy to vet. You may not know all the "secrets" that the other sellers don't want the regular public to know. However, your agent should be able to give you those details from what they are reading on the multiple listing service, where you won't have access.

By secrets, I mean competition points. Maybe you don't need to sell your home to buy another one, making you non-contingent on selling your home or on your home of choice. That could be the difference between your listing and the one that is in your same neighborhood. I will tell you, for example, your's will be more attractive to home buyers when they know your home will close in a "normal time frame". The other listing may take months or longer for the homeowners to find their home of choice. During that time, the buyer will have to wait.

2.  Shaving, manicuring, lighting, and cologne choice...

It's been a long time since I was dating. Over 30 years at this point. I watch my kids get ready to go out and I often think to myself I did a lot more "prep" before leaving the home to meet that special person.

I have walked into homes with clients and immediately wanted to clean up a bit. Turn on all the lights and turn on the climate control. The home was cold, dark, and dreary. This is the first impression and it's always a turn-off to a home buyer.

  • keep your home as close to show-ready as possible
  • your agent should have given you the instruction to depersonalize (no photos with real humans in them) ex.
  • run through and spray the original scent of Febreze(it has to be this one - ask me why in the comments) before the scheduled showing
  • turn on all light, every bulb should be activated
  • climate control - the system should be on and be adjusted to correspond correctly to the time of the season
  • q-tip clean - It's got to be clean with the original intentions being honored reference to the rooms. If the room that is now an office was originally a bedroom, then put that room back to being a bedroom. 
  • music - have this playing in the background. Jazz is traditionally happy and generally accepted by most. 

With these steps, plus some others we tell our sellers here in Santa Clarita, your home will be prepared for the best showing results.

3.  Declutter it - show off your space

Very important and part of our listing prep presentation we have with our Santa Clarita home sellers. You cannot overdo this step. Kitchen counters empty showing the space the home buyer has access to. 

Often people panic about the garage when we are talking about the decluttering process. Unless you have some fancies installed in your garage that you want to showcase for the buyers visiting, don't stress. Most get the garage is a garage. If you have a fancy tuxedo epoxy finished floor and diamond pressed stainless steel covering the walls, but it's covered by your "overflow" furniture. I would tell you that you may need to clear a space where a home buyer would be able to view the garage and those upgrades because they will be important.

4. Focus cards - show off your home in words

Do you know the clever text that is within the agent's remarks that you see in the multiple listing service when you are reading the description of the home for sale? 

If you have granite, quartz, concrete, heated floors, bamboo shutters, reclaimed flooring, whole house water conditioner, paid off solar, tankless hot water heater, Honduran Mahogony banisters, and more show them off with printed signs.

Grab yourself a roll of the painter's tape and plastic sheet covers and make some signage. 

Cards like these pointing out the obvious and not so obvious. They keep the conversation going and shows pride of ownership. These do more than let the buyers, who already know, what your countertops are made of. These give confidence and warm fuzzy feelings.

5.  Check your emotions at the time you sign the contract to sell

When sellers get emotional clarity goes out of the window. Literally, out of the kitchen window.

Here is an example. Before the transaction, I have a discussion with my sellers about try not to be offended at the buyer's requests or investigations.

Buyers have a right unless waived, to hire whatever inspectors/investigators they would like to obtain the best and most complete information on a home they are wanting to buy. 

Those buyers should have access to the home, with reasonable notice, to have these inspections completed.

Sometimes the rabbit hole can get a little deep if one inspector points out issues with a "pool" that is above his paygrade and maybe the HVAC system also.

If a home buyer wants to do it right, that is another pool inspector and an HVAC inspector. If there are a few cracked tiles on the roof, which is bound to be the case, that is a third inspection that would need to happen before too late.

Sellers can become frustrated. Even when they consider having owned the home for 30 years and only having done the minimum to it in the way of upkeep and maintenance.

After this, the home buyers may ask for something to be changed, fixed, or resolved. They can also ask for money in the form of a credit to be applied so they can get it fixed later after the transaction closes.

You will remember that I told you that real estate is sold "As Is". That is what it says on the contract. Please remember that along with that I told you that a home buyer may ask without being shot for doing so.

Asking does not cancel the deal. Asking does not mean the buyer will cancel the transaction if the seller does not agree either.

But, remember, no emotions. Consider it if you were buying the home. Would you care that these items were in their present condition? Or would you want them to be taken care of?

I'd imagine that you would also want some sort of remedy, depending on the problems discovered.

These have been the top 5 Santa Clarita real estate seller tips.

If you have been waiting to buy a home or sell one in the Santa Clarita / Southern California area. Please contact me, Connor MacIvor 661.400.1720 and I will take great care of you and yours.

If you happen to know someone that could use this information, please forward this to them.