hot property in Santa Clarita real estateOf course - we are including the specific cities within our 5 Steps to selling your Santa Clarita real estate article.

They are going to be Acton, Agua Dulce, Castaic, Canyon Country, Saugus, Newhall, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia.

Within each of the above cities, we have listed and successfully sold a lot of real estate.

Step 1 - Fair Market Value of your Santa Clarita real estate

What is your Santa Clarita Valley home worth at today's Fair Market Value?

This is not a guess - this is based on factual information you will be shown!

Within the online channels, when you ask google or bing that question, you are going to be eye to eye with a real estate syndication website like Zillow or Trulia.

Beware - once you inquire - your personal information will be sold to real estate agents. Your name, address, email, phone number, everything will be divvied out to those agent who are paying for it. BTW, I don't pay for it - it bothers me - just so you know.

We have a resource that is not based on tax records, but on the source data for Santa Clarita properties which have been sold within a specific neighborhood or within a particular radius from your home. This system gathers it's preliminary data from the actual Boards of Realtors Multiple Listing Service. Also, I, Connor MacIvor, Local Agent 661.400.1720, is the only one who will see your information - period!!!

Santa Clarita real estate valuations


What is your home worth in Santa Clarita Valley

Step 2 - additions and subtractions

After you get this automated value, it's time to have a real estate expert look it over and prepare the additions and subtractions list.

You may have an addon which adds 400 square foot to your SCV residence. That would be considered an addition and should add to your value.

Maybe your Santa Clarita home has not been updated and does not show as well as your competition - that would result in a subtraction from your value.

A seasoned agent will be able to give you prices off of the tops of their head. Example, in some of the Santa Clarita Valley cities an additional bedroom will get a home seller 35k-50k more in price per my experience with the appraisers and listing/selling real estate.

In Encino - that FMV amount on a SFR for making a two bedroom a three bedroom would add from 250k to 300k to the home's value (talk about an investor opportunity :) )

Step 3 - in person evaluation

At this point, we have not met in person. I have completed the FMV - fair market value documentation from the information I have obtained from you on the phone and via email.

This is where the rubber meets the road. I need to come and visit you to explain about your competition, the market, and how to best prepare you home to sell for top dollar in the current Santa Clarita real estate market.

I will need access to all parts of your home. And I will need you to give me all of the details upfront, so I may do my adjustments and best advise you about items related to disclosure to the potential real estate buyers.

Did you have a death in the property? What about insurance claims, have you have any of those events? What have you done to update or repair the home?

What is your plan? Are you going to need to sell your home contingent in buying your next home of choice?

I will be able to give you the "real deal" intel as far as selling contingent and selling without it in the current Santa Clarita real estate market.

Step 4 - listing your home

At this point, we have all of the loose ends tied up and we are going to get the contracts signed after we explain them chapter and verse.

Paragraph by Paragraph I will go and entertain any and all questions throughout the process of presentation.

During this I will need to obtain from you who's going to be home. I need to establish boundaries so those who will be home, kids, children, adults, elderly, people with special needs, will be able to keep safe during any showings. I will also address the "unauthorized" visitations that may occur due to advertising and marketing and what to watch out for.

From that information, we will then talk about showing instructions and modes of communication.

I will talk with you about lockboxes and explain Supra Technology as it relates to home access.

The publication of your phone number to be contacted will be discussed as well. I will explain it may not be the best idea to have your number, even in the confidential and private remarks where only agents see it. More about this when we meet.

Open Houses - We do those, but will need to explain at length the best ways in which to prepare your home for the Santa Clarita open house and keeping safe. BTW - I own it's Awesome!

Step 5 - my home listing mojo

Watch what happens next. After the photographs are taken, either by me or professionally, and the virtual tours built, flyers made, and pre marketing advertising completed, your home is ready for release to the masses.

This takes hours of focus for me to prepare the listing for public release. This is a step that most real estate agents don't adhere to. They are quick to publish an insufficient real estate listing online.

The biggest problem of early release without preparation is the listing is going to show up on some of the online channels and be ignored due to the agent's lack of preparedness. Some systems won't update for another week, they are not the MLS - they are real estate syndication websites!

No photos (you have seen these) - No Virtual Tour (these too), nothing but a clever story about the home itself (and some not so clever).

I have over 2000 youtube videos.

I have published over 1500 real estate radio shows.

I'm the number one organic result for many Santa Clarita real estate keywords where home buyers are searching.

I have written over 10,000 real estate articles about the home selling and listing process.

My real estate mojo is strong and I'm glad to represent you in the sale of your Santa Clarita home.

I'll be here for you - just reach out when you are ready and I'll make it happen.

I'm Connor MacIvor, please tell a friend and be safe and well.