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How to sweeten your offer on real estateMost of these steps should be applied by your Trusted real estate professional.

They are going to know the best ways to handle the offer you are having them write for you.

Some real estate markets are moving very fast. All of this documentation needs to be covered in the meeting that the agent is having with you before making an offer on real estate that is for sale.  We call our First Real Estate buyer meeting our "Crash Course on real estate".

Pre Planning with an Experts methods and Strategies can be the difference between "buyer" frustration and the Buyers of the world getting what they want in the fewest possible moves.

Just so you know, a Qualified Realtor, will take as many moves as necessary, on their sellers/buyers behalfs, to get the job done to the sellers or buyers benefit.

When I reference "moves" reference to a buyer or a seller, I'm talking about moves that are unnecessary or those that cause stress and heartache.

Real Estate is stressful. A qualified realtor will shield their buyers and sellers from the "non pertinent" real estate drama, as long as it will not cause them harm.

If it's something the buyers or sellers need to know, it should be relayed as soon as it's known by their realtor or real estate agent.

Enjoy our Haiku Deck and reach out to my Team and I when you are ready for us to be of assistance with your move. We will have you inside our offices for our Crash Course on Real estate.