It should come as no secret that we emphasize working with "local" agents.  When wanting to buy, sell or invest in Real Estate - Be weary of the large, Country Wide Real Estate Search systems and Lead Generators.

BTW - the SCV Cities are generally considered:  Canyon Country, Castaic, Newhall, Saugus, Valencia and Stevenson Ranch CA.  The cities of Agua Dulce and Acton are also considered, by most, as being part of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

At some point, you will want to work with a local Real Estate Team in the city you are interested in.  We are that "local" resource in Santa Clarita Valley and within the Radial Circle to the Left <--------.  I have seen others in our industry mirroring me when it comes to stating in clear TEXT - "I am a Real Human Being."

I think they are finally getting the fact that some Real Estate Foreclosure, Auction, and most "top 10 organic" search systems are merely for Lead Generation.  Why Lead Generation? - There is Big Money in selling leads to Real Estate agents.

Money so Big in fact they are able to pay a Large and sophisticated team "technology wise" to keep their platform on the tops of the Organic Real Estate Results - They are also able to pay large amounts of money to a pay-per-click campaign that will reveal their system of "real estate searching" in the sponsored results of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Should you use their systems - sure, if they are not asking for you to give up the "ghost" :-)  Just don't give them any personal information, unless you want to.  Your information will get passed along and those that receive it are going to pay for it - we just don't want any eventual client of ours to "pay too much - in the long run".

There are a lot of GREAT Real Estate agents in the world that are utilizing these Lead Generation Services.  I always suggest a Face to Face interview, in the Agent you are selecting's, office.  You will be able to deduce in short order their level of seriousness and what they can offer you that is "outside of the box".

If you want to know where our offices are - We have Three offices (more coming later) within the RE/MAX of Santa Clarita Building. The offices of RE/MAX give a Real Estate presentation like no other - There are no cubicles and it very similar to the appearance of a Law Office - All of the offices are individualized for top producing Real Estate agents.