These concerns keep coming up so I thought I would get into each within our Santa Clarita Valley blog, which is just about 100% real estate content.

1. Santa Clarita City?

Santa Clarita Valley is the overall area within the County of Los Angeles.

Santa Clarita Valley consists, of 6 distinct cities.

  • Canyon Country
  • Castaic
  • Newhall
  • Stevenson Ranch
  • Valencia
  • Saugus

Some also consider the cities of Agua Dulce and Acton part of the Santa Clarita Valley. They are just north - Agua Dulce shares part of the Saugus CA zip code, therefore - so close, I'd bless that same sentiment.

2. Smart Santa Clarita home search

Most online systems are showing you real estate listings from everywhere in Santa Clarita - That causes a serious buyer to waste time.

If you know the area/city within the Santa Clarita Valley you wish to buy a home in, you need a local resource website. Most of the real estate websites you will discover online are those who are going to sell your personal information.

Those websites which have been designed as lead generators for other real estate agents who are willing to pay for them.

Only the local real estate websites are going to serve a local buyer best. Even those folks who are relocating, they can use those "local" Santa Clarita real estate websites and find the best and most accurate renderings of homes for sale. Santa Clarita home buyers from all across the United States of America and from other countries.

Data and information is big business. I remember when I first started in real estate, 1998, there was a service that provided "paid for" lists. These "lists" were phone numbers that came back to addresses and the owner's names. Agents used to "cold call" those on these lists. They would use interruption marketing in order to further their own promotion. They wanted those homeowners to say, "I'm glad you called, I was just speaking with my husband telling him that I want to sell our home and move to something bigger!" - That statement made that "paid for" list worth it.

If you are online, have a text-capable cell phone, or are connected to social media, you are already victim to the "new cold calling" strategies.

The term interruption marketing still applies to these and other agent forced mechanics within the various online systems. Ensure you are using a system that is local. Those systems do not want to re-sell your information to big box stores, home improvement stores, appliance stores, or any other "stores". Those sites want to be your provider when it comes to real estate consultation and representation services.

3. Local Lenders are superior

The reason why this statement is true is always dependent on the agent viewing the pre-approval letter provided by the agent representing the home buyer. The home buyers may bring their own lender to their transaction to be presented to the home seller. That same home buyer may take their agent's advice and use the "local" real estate lender they have used and know to be excellent. That same home buyer may have been told about a "great lender" that their parents used as a refinance lender. Refinancing is not the same as what you will be using the lender for. You are going to be one that needs an origination loan. That is a whole different animal with many more moving parts, be aware.

Being able to speak with the lender after hours is important. During holidays and on weekends are not typical times that a "corporate" lender will be accessible.

As an example, this last weekend I was showing some new buyers that wanted to work with Paris and I. They discovered us on Facebook. I was completely honored.

We spent day 1 - driving and showing homes. They found one they fell in love with. That very same home was said to have "threats" of offers being submitted. At the time of showing, no one else had submitted an offer.

This was Saturday evening at 8 pm. We needed to get a pre-approval letter matching our offering price. We needed to get the Fico Scores pertaining to the buyers'. The other documentation was available online. The one other thing that was not, was the conversation that needed to take place between the lender and the borrower.

After speaking with our buyers, the buyers felt good. They felt at ease. They knew their exact payment on a VA loan that combines taxes, principal, interest and the HOA fee.

That payment was reflective of our home buyers exact credit profile, DTI - debt to income ratio, and fico scores. The "revised" pre-approval letter was sent, the buyers were happy, Paris wrote the offer, I packaged it and got it sent to the agent.

If we had not have been able to move that fast, they would have lost the home for certain. If they had to depend on a lender that was on east coast time, of a corporate nature, and locked into bankers hours, they would not have been able to have escrow opened today by the Seller's agent.

Call me when you are ready for the best in real estate consultation and representation. I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm your local Santa Clarita real estate source.