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Oct. 28, 2019

Valencia CA - Santa Clarita real estate and housing market news November 2019 Update

Oct. 24, 2019

Taking advantage of the Heroes in Santa Clarita real estate Top 5 Hero Program provider questions

Oct. 22, 2019

The A-Sexual Santa Clarita real estate market

Oct. 18, 2019

Santa Clarita Floorplans and home configurations at a glance

Oct. 16, 2019

Attention Google - personal listing agents website should be first with a direct by address inquiry

Oct. 14, 2019

How to buy a Santa Clarita Condo by the Santa Clarita home experts

Oct. 8, 2019

What happened after the buyer and seller got together behind their agents back?

Oct. 7, 2019

For Sale By Owner in Valencia CA - Trouble in Paradise

Oct. 6, 2019

Top 5 best steps for a Santa Clarita home buyer

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Oct. 5, 2019

Sometimes agents lie on behalf of their sellers - about the cracks in the tile

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Oct. 4, 2019

Interest rates and market adjustment making Santa Clarita real estate more affordable