Today in the Santa Clarita Valley cities we have had 16 homes added to the "for sale" inventory. We have four listings that have reported price changes and 5 properties have failed to finish escrow - they fell out and are back on the market.

Why would a home fail to sell after escrow is opened and terms are settled? There are a few reasons - I will give you the top three reasons a home falls out of escrow...

1. The buyer changes their mind (no explanation, for the most part, call it a case of cold feet - but buyers change their minds all day long - I will say that real estate agents should always support a buyer in this position - they will need to be there for them)

2. Something Revealed - this way comes (they find out something, they do so me door knocking and find out that the neighbor is a "bad X girlfriend" - they find mold, they find out that the property has a crack in the foundation - or during the investigations for repairs, when the seller was approached - he refused to help in any way, shape or form and the buyer gave a full price offer... etc)

3. Financing - on the buyers side or the seller's (you are probably wanting to know how there can be an issue on the sellers side with financing - it could be a short sale that was not approved - the seller could be buying a property only to have their end fall out and their sale being contingent on it having to be sold. Buyers could have lost their ability to finance a home - they may have lost their job, the lender may have not done their job with the dotting of the "i's" and crossing of the "t's" when they originally gave them the "approval letter" - etc) Want us to find you a reputable Santa Clarita Lender?

There are a lot of reasons why things don't work out in real estate. The best advise I can give you is to only work with professionals in the real estate realm. Please make sure those whom you are using are taking care of their clients. Local Santa Clarita real estate agents.

Check out some of the review websites. While I am not a HUGE fan of most - they can be a simple guide as to what others think of the realtors in your community. Yelp for Santa Clarita real estate.

However, just as I do, the final opinion has to be formed by you yourself. Also realize that some will write horrible reviews just to be mean or because they have a "non business related" grudge. Please be safe and check out some of the Blogs on Google - that may make a little more sense to you when approaching the real estate representation realm.

My Today - Two listings - one in the Lost Canyon Condo's - down the street from price club(costco), call me old fashioned. The other one in Tarzana - on Sylvan Street - corner lot - both are Short Sales being handled by my Santa Clarita real estate team.

That brings me to short sales and who you choose to represent you. When you find someone telling you what they can get for you if you use them to short sale your home, condo or town-home, watch out. That is not the reason to use an agent - as a matter of fact, it is against the law for a short sale seller to profit in any way when selling short. Except in the case of their bank sanctioning monies for relocation.

We to are able to assist with these sorts of fees being paid. However, the mort important thing is how the short sale is taken care of. If the agents you hire don't take care of business - you chose the wrong agents. Point being - choose wisely and make sure you interview more than one Santa Clarita short sale team. Santa Clarita short sale real estate agents team.