With so much to be thankful for in our Santa Clarita real estate business, we cannot complain about anything. We want to reach out to our Santa Clarita real estate family, clients, and others in the SCV and wish you all a GREAT Christmas Eve today.

Yesterday, we talked about the foreclosure inventory and the Santa Clarita Cities real estate world slowing down to a crawl during the holidays.  Typically November 15 of ever year in the Santa Clarita Valley we see a severe drop off when it comes to home sales and real estate being listed.

Moving along to this year, we see it's no different.  Except we have a fiscal cliff that is going to need to be averted early in 2013.  We will see if the powers that be make the "right" decisions concerning the economy and other real estate related issues.

When you are ready to search for a home to buy, make sure you are looking at the "true" inventory.  Not the "faux inventory" that is being posted to solicit some type of buying response. Examples are those sites that are telling you in a blanket statement that now is the time to buy a home.  Interest rates have never been better and other various "emotionally" charged fodder.

Work local - check out our podcasts and video's.  Make sure you are getting the best representation possible.