Have you ever taken a test to tell you what type of personality you have?  Whether you have or have not - you can bet your real estate agent has.  At least for themselves.  Some of the real estate coaches really stress finding out what type of personality the "Seller or Buyer", you are working with has.

It seems there is a different way of talking with different people.  For example, when you are talking, according to the coaches, to someone that is educated, they like to be "mirrored".  Sit as they are sitting, exhibit the same body movements they make.  If they are

Real Estate inventory

leaning forward - then lead forward, if they have a closed up appearance - then do the same.  After a while, try to get the client to start mirroring you.

OMG - Really, seriously, I am here to sell houses.  Not to try to "trick people" by studying their body movements and mannerisms.  The fact of the matter is some people are going to like my team and I.  Some won't.  After a sit down and discuss in our offices about the client's plans - we determine if we fit well and if we can accomplish their tasks.

Simple, Straight forward and without all of the "smoke and mirror" games taught by Real Estate Coaches.

The Current Real Estate News

Slow Roll.  Not very fast.  We are still showing buyers up to Christmas Eve - but I doubt if any of the sellers are going to be available to have offers presented to them.  We watch as some are "hopeful and waiting" until the "after the holiday rush".  Typically at the end of Q1 as we roll into Q2 - spring time, we see more properties hit the market for sale, no matter what the specific type of real estate market.  This coming year won't be any different.

Have a look at this photo of the real estate graph depicting the points in March of each preceding year - regarding the real estate inventory in the beginnings of the years - Look at 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and the beginning of 2012 - there is a bump in inventory just after the closing of Q1 - some years don't have much(of a bump - but zoom in, it's there) - but some are pretty exciting.

Santa Clarita inventory graph for Valencia CA

As devastating as this current real estate market has been to the owners of homes purchased between 1998 through 2005 - you can see how the inventory in Valencia has collapsed on itself.  If you look at the bottom of the graph above, you will see how prices are rebounding because of the poor inventory in Valencia CA.  The other Cities are similar in nature.  Click on the graph to get to our inventory pages. Be Safe - please share and reach out to us when you are ready for a move :)