What homes have sold in the SCV - Today is sold sundays

Sold Sundays - We have the intel you need and when we look back over the past seven days - our "Sold Sundays" show has 77 listings showing that have sold during this time frame.  Those are 77 sold homes that are within and include the cities of Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Stevenson Ranch, Valencia and Acton.

With listings not being a dime a dozen, you can imagine how happy those buyers were in finally getting a bid approved or an offer accepted, escrow traversed and finally closed.

Which brings me to the best way to have your agent's offer the best it can be.  First off - make sure it's read-able.  The days of offers being handwritten in crayon are totally in the past.  Pencil, pens, handwritten offers, sometimes come through today, but they are in the minority.  The computer, as you can imagine, has taken over almost 100% in real estate. There may be a "quick" document that has to be prepared so to hand-write it may be easier.  However, any offer that is going to be submitted best be type written.

Offers for Santa Clarita real estate, to mean anything, need to be complete right out of the chute.  Don't let your agent submit something other than a complete offer.  It should include the 4 components that are acceptable to any Real Estate Seller.

  1. The offer - Residential Purchase Contract
  2. Lenders Letter - Pre approval or pre qualification
  3. Proof of Funds - Showing an account or accounts containing the necessary money to allow for closing of escrow in accordance with the type of offer written.  If your agent wrote a 20% down conventional offer - the account statements should have balances with those amounts.  If your agent wrote FHA - there should be an account or statement showing 3.5% down payment for the price you offered.
  4. Deposit Check - The proverbial handshake. Most agents don't take the real instrument(the check). They typically make a copy and include it with the offer.  Having the client retain the check.  When escrow opens, if your offer is accepted, then a completely new check is made out to the escrow company the seller chose.

That first shot means a lot to most agents.  When they see that they are dealing with a professional, it makes the escrow go easier and the other agent involved in the transaction typically does their part of the work needed to close the transaction.

I'll tell you it is a horrible experience to have to do the other Realtors work for them.  It's hard enough to monitor our 1/2 of the real estate transaction - but when you have to work on both ends because you are dealing with a "lazy or un-knowledgeable" agent - that is yucky.

Open houses for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  We have that resource we offer to the public.  You can be assured you are looking at all of the homes that are being held open the closer to the "open house date" you use our resource.  That is because some agents wait until the last minute to schedule the home as showing open on the Multiple Listing Service.  Just remember our Santa Clarita Open Houses dot com resource.