I am not in the habit of beating dead horses.  But today, I am willing to make two exceptions. When searching for homes that are for sale, don't you want to view homes that are for sale?  Instead of looking at real estate inventory that has been sold or is under contract, why not view the active listings or the listings where the sellers would like an additional offer or two, in case the accepted offer fails to perform?

Santa Clarita valley market reportsAll of the search systems we use show the most current inventory that is for sale where our Search Map covers.  This included where we are Head Quartered in the Santa Clarita Valley and Elsewhere in Southern California.  We have our maps showing only the properties that are currently wanting offers written on them.  Both the active listings and those wanting back up offers.

Please, do some comparisons yourself - but this is what I found out with regard to the differences between the homes we are showing for sale this AM versus some of the Real Estate syndication Websites: data as of 12142012 at 0925am

The Paris911 System is currently showing:

Valencia CA 91354 - 32 listings - Available and currently for sale

A famous real estate syndication website:

Valencia CA 91354 - 123 listings - Available and currently for sale

We can deduce - a few things. Either the real estate syndication website has access to listings that we don't have access too.  Or they are posting up sold and pending listings as if they are active.  They could also be publicizing "pre foreclosure" listings that are not on the market for sale at the present time nor will be in the future, in order to get you to give up some of your personal information so they can sell it.

We have access, as do all local Board Members of Real Estate (Realtors), to all of the listings that are for sale.  Our access is granted by signed agreements between the Boards of Realtors, our Brokerages and ourselves.  The Syndication websites cannot obtain an IDX agreement, as I have described.  They have to get their listings, not from the source, but from them being republished by individual agents.  There is no police mechanism for inaccurate listings or with listings showing up that are not for sale.

With our system - there is a police mechanism, It is called being a Licensed Realtor - but we don't run into the issues that are written about all over the internet referencing some of the real estate syndication websites and their inaccurate listings they have posted, either by accident or on purpose.

On to the Scammers - head over to our Foreclosure and Short Sale blog for the Santa Clarita valley to check up on this latest story with regard to the Real Estate games.  Be careful when someone wants to help making it look like they are doing you a favor.