Good Day - Wednesday, December 12, 2012. This is your Santa Clarita real estate daily show with Connor MacIvor your host with the most :)

We are with REMAX of Santa Clarita's Paris911 Team of Realtor Associates and are here to help you. The real estate market has become strange during the past few years - with most transactions not closing if the agents merely set them and forget them.  This is a change where most agents, that are working with both buyers and sellers, have to be on top of their game.  They have to be continually within new knowledge building real estate courses. They have to be on-top of the local and national real estate news.  They also have to be in touch with what buyers and sellers are looking for in today's real estate market.

By The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CAThe only way that the agent of today is going to keep on top of the Real Estate market is to work, themselves, directly with buyers and sellers of real estate.  They may have a team in place and delegate showings of homes to their Santa Clarita buyers agents, but they need to keep close so they can press their ear to the tracks and do it often.

Today's show - is about Back up offers on Santa Clarita real estate.  Once upon a time, the back up offer status was just a way for the home, condo or town-home that was being sold to have show up as "active" when it really wasn't.  This happened on the major real estate syndication websites.  This is due to the real estate syndication sites selling the real estate searchers personal and private information to the highest real estate agent bidder.  So, instead of a Santa Clarita real estate listing showing up as having an offer written on it and accepted by the seller (back up position), that Santa Clarita real estate listing shows up as being fully "active and available".

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Santa Clarita radio show notes:

  • Connor MacIvor - one of the team leaders
  • HQ'd in the Santa Clarita Valley - Main Site - Paris911 dot com
  • Designated Brand - marriage partner - Paris - 22 years - whew :)
  • I was the 911 part of the real estate equation
  • Real Estate front - homes that are Bom'ing
  • Falling out of escrow - Back on Market
  • Back up - showing listing as still being active - trick by realtors
  • However, due to the constrictive market - today it a good bet
  • Local search systems are the best to use - stay to the moors
  • follow up with an actual local real estate agent
  • Listings fully available instead of their true status
  • Backup is a good place for you to be in today's market
  • Have your agent watch the listings that BOM - enter the re-sale market again
  • Short Sales are some of the reasons why these homes keep falling and entering the market
  • Time frames could lead to the buyer not being around when the SS is approved
  • They could have lost their financing
  • Back up offers are not a waste of time
  • Be at least a player in the game and have your agent continually follow up with the listing agent
  • Real Estate Tips and Short Sale news
  • If you need help and don't have a realtor - reach out and we will take great care of you
  • Main Site - Paris911 dot com - punch in the words "crash course" into the MacBoX

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