It looks that way - depending on how we all fare with the fiscal cliff coming Q1 of 2013.  We will know soon enough when next year breaks - after the dropping of the Ball in New York - Soon After - when Congress reconvenes.  Are we going to fall off the fiscal cliff or is it only going to create temporary stress for the housing market?

Keep watching the news channels for the most up to date information related to the recovering of the housing market.  We play it right down the middle and report both sides of the "recovery process".

Here is an update related to 2013 and what can be expected.  As if I have a crystal ball - we will see a modest increase in real estate prices for the Santa Clarita Valley cities next year - now til the end of Q1 of 2013 - approximately 1%.  Moving past that point - the increases until Q1 of 2014 should be in the range of 3 to 3.5%.

What does that mean?  As a Seller or as a Buyer - you are well covered.  We hope and pray that the fiscal cliff is avoided and the right decisions are made in the process.  Time will Tell.

When looking at homes to purchase your appraiser makes all of the difference in the world.  Actually, not your appraiser - but the appraiser that is hired by the bank to do the appraisal for your loan.  They don't play any games and have various levels of review with regard to each loan they lend on.

Here is the most recent activity for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - the three newest listings that have hit the market for sale.  No matter what price ranges, configuration or anything else.  Just the three newest listings on the market for sale.  Be Safe and talk soon.

FYI - if the homes, condo's or town-homes below are not rendering photos - it's because they are so new - the pictures have not been uploaded as of yet.

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