What is the current hub bub in the real estate market?  What about that Fiscal Cliff - prices have been driven up during the past several months in the Santa Clarita Cities.  The primary reason is the constrictive inventory combined with the Cash Investors.

Real Estate in the Santa Clarita ValleyMost cash investors do not want nor do they require an appraisal on the homes, condo's or town-homes they are buying.  Therefore, with no appraisal - they look at the "profit margins" with the rent they can collect or potential flipping to other investors.

In a market that sports very low home prices with record low mortgage interest rates - almost every deal can be afforded to sell at a higher price.  That applies when investors are out in droves, snapping up real estate.  When the investors do not have any appraiser to deal with, no loan to be secured and when they waive most inspections.

We have done a much longer post on our Foreclosure and Investor blog for the Santa Clarita Valley with a Audio Posting too!  click here to access the latest on property prices and why we may have another Real Estate bubble pop!

While not popular in all circles - We love to interview lenders(not us interviewing - but the lenders :) ).  We did so yesterday talking about many different things.  With investors at the top of his list - you can click on this link to access our most Recent Santa Clarita real estate show.

Santa Clarita Real Estate Show-notes

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  • Radio show for SCV - spoke with Mike Meena with Augusta financial
  • Rumors - interest rates - he came on our show
  • bikini models and expensive cars obtainable by real estate
  • You find more of that when you watch TV at 4am :)
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  • Can you purchase real estate with zero down - turning a profit
  • 30-60k each time buying with nothing down - can you do it
  • No - Maybe with Fraud - you could however, buy a new home each year
  • Move into it, stay for 1 year, rent and move, rent and move
  • there would have to be funds available for your temporary housing
  • Extended stay hotel, or residence inn - 2 or 3 months until you
  • did it again - after a 25 years, you could have 25 residences -
  • rentals paying themselves off - year after year, when you are ready
  • to retire - you will have properties with a boat load of equity
  • Refinance homes in the Santa Clarita Valley - Where are you with your equity
  • If you would have bought 9 months, 10 months or 1 year ago - you may be in an equity position today
  • Fiscal Cliff - AS the professor thinks - we are going to have interest rates continuing to decline
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If you are angry with abandoned homes in your neighborhood and need to find out who owns them.  We have that resource for you and yours.  You will see a "abandoned" macbox equipped card at the top of this posting.  Follow the direction and head over to our MaCBoX resource and type the word Abandoned into it or click on it.  We will have equipped our Paris911 Staff to help you with finding out who the owner is so you can reach out to them and get them on the stick to having it cleaned up and secured!

Be Safe - Super Duper and thanks for reading and listening...