News on the wire from Fannie and Freddie is about how they are going to stop the Foreclosures from being enforced during the holiday season.

That is GREAT for the homeowners that have a place to live - but what about those people that need a place to live? I write this Santa Clarita daily update from a torn position.

While we have short sale sellers and our clients that are facing foreclosure - We also have a multitude of Santa Clarita Buyers that are needing a home.  Apparently, all will resume just after new-years.  And let's face it - a majority of the banking industry gets close to a skeleton crew during the holidays anyway.

Property Taxes for Los Angeles County are 1.25%.  So far :) If you have been in your home for a while and have never had your property evaluated for a property tax reduction - you may want to head over to the Top Santa Clarita real estate website and type in the words Property Tax Reduction (property tax reduction - without the parenthesis), into the macBoX and have one of the members of the Paris911 Team evaluate your home for a potential tax reduction.

Ventura and Orange County Homeowners are welcome to join in.  "Isn't playing it forward the best way??"

Today, I have noticed that we have more foreclosure alerts to talk about with regard to the changes in the housing market.  Fannie and Freddie may be slowing, but other's are not - click here for the latest Santa Clarita Foreclosure postings via The Paris911 Team's Alerts.

Luxury Homes - do specific realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley only deal with Luxury Homes.  There are some that are better at providing buyers with the Top in Luxury Home representation.  Click here to read what we posted about Valencia CA Luxury Homes and the agents that sell them.

Please be safe today and let us know when you are ready for us to be of assistance with your Housing Needs.  Please subscribe to our bi-monthly real estate updates for the Santa Clarita Valley - enter your email address below this text and thanks again for reading!!!