Foreclosures - they are always funzies in any real estate market. I remember the last time we had a "healthy" real estate market, where less than 1% of the homes were foreclosures - everyone was talking about them when they were considering buying homes. "What about the foreclosures and bank owned properties?" - That is what they would say when they'd Call my Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita. The Paris911 Team's Main and BEST Santa Clarita real estate site

That would kick off a discussion about where they come from, what they are and the best ways in which to buy one. While their purchasing is not a complete broadway show - we do take time to cover everything any buyer of a Foreclosure should consider. We also develop strategic game plans with our clients in our Santa Clarita real estate offices. Santa Clarita Real Estate game plans

If you are a short sale seller beware - you may have been wondering why your short sale was not selling or why it kept being rejected. It could be that your real estate agent was charging a fee that you either were not aware of, or did not understand it's impact on your Short Sale. Santa Clarita Short Sale agents - experts - Isn't everyone :)

You may want to cover the agents charges to the buyers of your Short Sale. Ask them what they are charging and if that is "normal" or something the buyer is going to pay that they normally would not have to pay if the home was a standard sale.

You can listen to another podcast we did on our Santa Clairta Relocation Blog for REMAX Relocation Systems. I talked about the "special short sale" charges. I also get it, when you have a short sale expert that thinks they are the BEST in the World at Short Sales - maybe they can get away with charging something to the buyer called a "negotiators fee". However, I don't agree and we don't charge that. It comes out of the commission the bank agree's to pay.

Hey - 22 shopping days until Christmas. Turn off your computer and get out there and buy me something :) - Talk soon...