What city is not on the rise as far as prices are concerned within the last week? You may be surprised to find out it's.... Sure, you thought I was going to give it up without you listening to our Top Santa Clarita real estate sellers podcast :) Enjoy that show and let us know what you think.

We have updated our Santa Clarita market report access portal. If you are looking to get on the E-mail list for the reports for any of the Santa Clarita Cities you desire - head over to our Main Santa Clarita real estate site of Paris911 dot com and type in the word reports (reports), into the MacBoX.

Yesterday, I was able to meet with a Legal Form producer - someone that is a paralegal and an expert in the field of Divorce forms and paperwork. Did you know, if you wanted to get a divorce, you could do it completely without an attorney? If you search on Google or Bing with the terms - Santa Clarita Divorce - you are bound to find Tim Blankenship - he is the expert which can help you. If you want to get to the Top Divorce Santa Clarita website - click here

We are going to publish some of the newest foreclosure updates for the Santa Clarita Valley today. You will be able to view what we were publishing long before Zillow was. However, we do it with a little more class :) It's not to generate leads from potential buyers in the market - we want to give the data for anyone that is interested in real estate. The other thing our publishing this data has done for the real estate concerned, is that it has let Tenants in the Rental World find out when the homes that they have been renting has had a Notice Default filed against it. The zillow rep wanted to know why I would not want to advertise with the Largest and most successful Real Estate website in the world. I told him simply, People judge others by the relationships they keep... :)

What does the NOD filing mean? It means that the owner of the property in question has not made their payment for at least 30 days and in most cases NOD"s are not filed before the third month that payment is not received by the Bank.

We run the NOD statuses on our Foreclosure Radar System. You can run the same NOD's, considered Pre Foreclosures, by heading over to the Top Santa Clarita real estate website and typing into the MacBoX the word Pre Foreclosures (pre foreclosures) - type in those words and you will be able to search for all of the California Pre foreclosures. click here for the Top Sales Website for Santa Clarita home sellers.

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