If you were buying stocks, you may do a little research on how they work on your own. However, you may be more trusting of someone that is experienced in the Stock Trading game. Finding that "Expert" in the field of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and those types of paper investments would be critical to your success in the Stock Market.

Real Estate is not too far off that topic. But finding a trusted adviser may prove to be a bit more difficult. When you are surfing the internet and typing in real estate keywords and questions, you are not going to see local real estate agent's blogs float to the top of Google or Bing. You are going to be seeing "corporate" lead generation websites that are supplying leads to the Highest Bidders. How can you be sure those agents, that are paying for those platforms, are worth their salt? You cannot :(

Real Estate is a funny duck. Apparently no one has come up with a way to monetize leads from the questions asked about the stock market. One day, maybe, but for now, let's focus on the real estate Q and A market.

When it comes to experts in real estate, self proclaimed or not, you are going to want to speak with several before choosing one. I know this is a lot of work, but it's the same if you were to have a necessary and potential life threatening medical procedure that needed to be performed - you would want more than one Doctor to take a look at your issue(s) and give their opinion. You would also probably burn out your Google Account by asking questions within that search engine and searching the medical forums.

When you are about to spend the largest amount of money you probably ever will - do yourself a favor - make sure you are getting the best agent possible by checking your agent's references and meeting with them in their offices to discuss a game plan. I promise, during that "game plan" discussion, you will see whether or not the agent you are interviewing is worth their salt or not.

New inventory for the Santa Clarita Valley came in the way of 2 new listings. To view those, go to the Paris911 Website and type into the macBox the word New - NEW -. You will then see the latest additions to the Santa Clarita resale market for the cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley.

Moving onto the Reports that had been mentioned by me during our Santa Clarita real estate daily show - We should have those updated versions today. However, to check on the progress we have made, you can always view our Market Reports by heading over to the Paris911 Team Site and typing the word - REPORTS - into the MacBoX. Be Safe - subscribe please and share on to those in your sphere, we'd appreciate it.

Be safe, get good advice and when it comes to Real Estate for the Santa Clarita Valley cities - hire only the BEST Santa Clarita agents find-able...

Below are the most recent additions to Castaic CA within the Hillcrest area of that fair city located within the Santa Clarita Valley.  Each of these listings is currently available and this system updates several times per hour.  If you want more real estate intel and to get the real estate low down for the Santa Clarita Valley cities - contact me to set up a Buyers Briefing in our REMAX of Santa Clarita CA offices.

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