Welcome to Saturday in the Santa Clarita Valley.  This is your Santa Clarita real estate news update and I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX's Paris911 Team of Realty Associates.

Santa Clarita Housing Updates

The Paris911 team of REMAX listing agentsDuring this past week we had been able to put together our real estate updates for the Santa Clarita valley cities.  We deduced that while flat in certain cities within the Santa Clarita Valley, others are still climbing.  We also know for a fact that inventory is at record lows, and that being the case, some of the real estate syndication website are playing games with consumers.  They are "game playing" by publishing listings and homes for sale that are not for sale or have been sold in the recent past.  If you build a website for the sole purpose of monetizing consumers personal information, but have no real "active" homes to show them in the cities they are interested in, how do you get "active Homes to show" them????  YOU MAKE THEM UP!!! (apparently :) )

Sad, just be careful and stick with local search engines and websites of local Santa Clarita real estate agents.  They should be publishing data that has not been built to influence any specific type of buying or selling decision. They should have the real listings published and available.  If they are showing listings that have been sold for Santa Clarita real estate sellers to know what their neighbor's homes sold for - they should be stating that.

Short Sales and the Debt Forgiveness act

When can get get this thing extended?  That seems to be the question on a lot of Short Sale Sellers minds.  However, the "fiscal cliff" seems to be the larger issue, which Short Sales and Debt Forgiveness is a part of.  Stay tuned and if you are one of those Short Sale Sellers that are hopeful that the Debt Forgiveness act is re-approved before December 31, 2012 - don't panic if it's not.  It should be retro-active next year.  Don't make it being approved or not, at the present time, the reason you are not pressing forward with a short sale.  You want to do everything you can, and if it is re-approved in the new months of 2013, you don't want to be behind the curve.

New Santa Clarita Real Estate Video

You know we produce a lot of video's of me in my offices, while driving and around the SCV.  However, there is nothing quite like a professionally edited Santa Clarita Realtor video.  We had one taken recently in my offices by Yelp.  They wanted to know what made The Paris911 Team tick when it comes to our "current 5 star rating".  There are 5 showing, but in the "filtered results", there are 17ish.  Apparently we got some attention because of this :)  Anyone know anything about review sites, sooner or later we are join the rest of the crowd and get a 4, 3, 2, or 1 - But for now, I feel like I'm on the "starring float" during the Rose Parade...