Racial, Gay, and sad Discrimination

Discrimination, not matter what form it takes on, it's ugly.  Sexual preference  creed, color, race, gender, body composition, it is not the right thing to do in polite society.  While "body composition" is not a protected class of people - it can be painful just the same.  What if your real estate agent is not as "color blind" as you may think?

I'm sure you will figure it out, but in the long run, when you are buying a home, how can  you be assured you are moving in to a "__________________ friendly neighborhood?"  It could be you want to live in a "kid friendly" neighborhood because you have the 2.3 children and they are between the ages of 3 and 7.

We always advise our clients to door knock the residences of adjoining homes during their inspection phase of buying the home we found for them.  We want everyone that is going to be living in the home being purchased to go on the "neighbor door knocking" escapade.

Ask the following questions of your "to be" Santa Clarita Neighbors:BEST real estate search engine for Santa Clarita CA

  • Do you like living in this neighborhood?
  • Is this neighborhood "_____________________ friendly?"
  • Then laugh a bit and say, "Growing up, we seemed to always have a crazy person in our neighborhood - at least one....  Do you have anyone like that living in this neighborhood???"

Eventually you will hit the nail on the head.  Of the neighbors you purvey - you will find the one that knows more about everyone in the neighborhood than they should :)  This is known as the Chatty Cathy (no offence to Cathy's).  She knows everything about everyone on the block or in the building.  This will keep you safe no matter what you are - even if you are purple.... :)  Btw - the chatty Cathy can be of the "male gender" as well.  He would be known as a Chatty Carl...

Margins of Foreclosures are shrinking:

I remember a time when a person could buy a foreclosure or bank owned property for 20% less than FMV - fair market value.  As of late, within all of the Cities in the Santa Clarita Valley, that "margin" is not as big as it used to be.  We are watching as the banks are increasing their "value assessments" on their foreclosed inventory.  You know what - People are still buying it at a "hand over fist" rate. We see the majority of the buyers in the world, the owner occupant ones, don't care.  As long as the property appraises - they are happy with whatever the appraiser says related to the price of the property.

Interest Rates Record Low in SCV:

What is the interest rate for your current mortgage?  We just came in at another Record Low interest Rate a couple of days before thanksgiving.  3.31%.  If you are buying a home and not getting this rate - ask your lender why.  Find out from them why you are not able to take advantage of this ultra low interest rate.  The same goes if you are re-financing your Santa Clarita home.  Make sure you are getting a "good deal" and a "fair deal" with regard to the prevalent interest rate.  Remember, they flux-u-ate each day - get proof in writing and be safe.  BTW - if you need a lender - click here and fill out the form - we know a bunch of the BEST Santa Clarita lenders obtainable.

Here is the Market RECAP for Santa Clarita Cities

We have the following homes, condo's, town-homes and other "residential housing types, at the following amounts for sale:

67 - Stevenson Ranch

82 - Castaic

96 - Valencia

124 - Santa Clarita

108 - Saugus

156 - Canyon Country

96 - Newhall

The most current real estate data can be found on the Number one real estate for the Santa Clarita Valley.  It's has not been "voted" number one :)  However, it is the number one local REMAX Brand of Paris911 that gets the most visits. You can obtain this information by Subscription to our Bi Monthly news letter.