The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA is hopeful with regard to the debt forgiveness act being renewed.  Some of the news sources says it's re affirmation is part of Obama's Plan.  We sure hope so for our Short Sale Sellers Sake.  However, is Debt Forgiveness the only reason to short sale a home?  No - you also have to look at the 'timing' component.  With a short sale, in most cases, a short sale seller knows when the property is going to finally sell versus when the Sheriff's are going to kick them out.  With a Short Sale rendering as a charge off on a sellers credit it is much lighter than having the "foreclosure" showing up on their credit.  Plus, if you have tried a loan modification before, and you have been denied, it may be that now your financial institution starts taking you more seriously while within short sale.

3.34% interest rates???

That is the interest rate a local Santa Clarita lender locked in a couple of our clients at yesterday.  With two accepted offers on Standard Sales - one in Castaic CA and the other in Valencia CA, you can imagine how happy our real estate buyers were when I made that "you got it" phone call.

When reading this, please don't get the wrong idea.  With both of these buyers, we had written quite a few offers and looked at many residences.  When you are reading the social media examples of "bad confidence" below - keep in mind the fact that "honesty pays off" big in the end.

I'm so awesome - closed another one!!!!

When you are on Facebook or other social media sites, you may see the real estate agents quoting the following within their status updates:

  • two more in escrow
  • closed another one today
  • on target to close 15 this month
  • listed two homes in Valencia CA today - whew I'm tired 
  • thank God for the 12 buyers that met with me today in my offices, I just wish we had more real estate inventory priced from 1.1 million to 1.5 million dollars
  • Closed another Short sale - Saved another seller - another closing tomorrow and the next day and the next and...

Successful Realtors don't...

The truth in the mix is the most successful realtors - which these examples of social media updates should be pointing to - but they are not, they don't brag.  They are not self-righteous.  The most talented agents are busy looking at themselves, their team and trying to make those things better for their clients.  They do it this way so they can get more clients and referrals.  They are big advocates in self improvement, making themselves more knowledgeable and more experienced within the trenches that are real estate.  How do we know that these agents that post updates such as these are not being truthful?  Any Realtor can run another Realtor's status to see how many transactions they have closed back for years.  We are the type of realtors that are looking at ourselves and our team, improving our prowess at every turn for our clients benefit.  However, we know other agents that spend all of their days running other agents inventory - they spread that around like gossip at the coffee machine, at the water fountain and in the meeting room...

Subscribe - what's the hitch?

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Here are three properties that are being sold in the city of Agua Dulce CA.  You can also click to see all of the homes that we are looking for buyers for these real estate sellers with regard to them being purchased by clicking on the link above the photo.  Agua dulce is considered as part of the Santa Clarita Valley.  In fact, on the mailings if you place the name Santa Clarita with an Agua Dulce address, it is no problem for the USPS to get the mail where it needs to go.

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