When it comes to real estate and the dissemination of our buyers needs and seller's listing across the Social Media Platforms, it matters if you are just creating noise or if you are doing it "right".

The question of the day is what is the right way for a real estate agent or other service provider to "do social media". First and foremost - it is about connections. Not because you are simply a "human" type connection. And not for those that are "friend collectors". It is about the interactive qualities that we want as the Human Animal.

Interaction about real things, kids, trauma, life, family stories, and maybe how clients were best (or not) served by the person, business or service industry.

What people don't want to see are the following updates:

- I sold another one!!!
- I just listed three more houses today - call me to sell yours!!!
- I am the best agent you can find in real estate call me today!!!
- I am so bald it hurts :) (that one may not be too bad :) )

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