Our Santa Clarita real estate daily show is getting some steam behind it.  With that and with our Tuesday Updates on our Santa Clarita radio show - how can you miss?  

How do we do it for our clients?

Our SCV daily shows consist of Video, Audio via Sound cloud and our BTR - Blog talk radio channels. We have a Q and A blog set up with REMAX Relocation systems.  We also have Foreclosures and Short Sales with that conversation.  For our Sellers and those that want to get to the bottom of the GAME in Real Estate - We have that blog too.  We then recap the "how we do it" on our Business blog for other Santa Clarita business owners and Real Estate agents that are "trainable" :)

Today in the Santa Clarita Valley:

Today in real estate - watch the video for a detailed report about Saugus CA real estate.  Where are we today - the prices have been increasing for a while now.  That is due to a supply and demand issue that has been created by the lacking real estate inventory.

Looking around the news portals we are also seeing that the Debt Forgiveness act, coming to (hopefully) being renewed tomorrow, is on most people's mind.  If they do approve it tomorrow to go another year, I have a feeling you are going to start seeing more Short Sales hit the market.

Hiring the best of the best :)

If you are approaching a short sale as a real estate buyer, make sure you are working with the best of the best of the best :)  Also, check on their track record - see if they pack the gear to serve within the short sale realm.  If they are going to represent you as a buyer on a short sale - they should be selling and negotiating short sales(personally).  A quick word about the "negotiating" part of that previous sentence.  They should be doing the negotiation themselves with regard to their sellers short sales.  This will make them you best advocate when working with you as a buyer on a short sale.

Foreclosure filings are up

If that was not confusing enough - Foreclosures are down but the filings of foreclosures are up.  So you may see news talking about Foreclosure having increased.  That is the problem with those that are not in real estate talking about real estate.  Filings are the default rates that have been noted by the banks with reference to the loans they have in their portfolios.   However, an increase in foreclosure filings is a good indicator of things to come.  There may be more inventory in the future - sooner than was last opined by this Santa Clarita real estate agent.

YouTube Channel for SCV real estate:

Enjoy our Santa Clarita real estate market video - also check out our YouTube Channel reference to Santa Clarita real estate.  We do a lot of walk-throughs of our different SCV real estate search systems to help both the buyers and sellers of real estate.  It is confusing when you have to explore why some real estate websites are showing listings that are not being displayed on other sites.  That is why we find it necessary to do our tutorial videos with full explanations as to the search process and what to watch out for.

Be Safe - let us know when you are ready.  I have posted the three latest Short Sale properties that have been listed for sale in Valencia CA - Short Sale Experts is where short sale sellers should be focusing when wanting to get their negotiated.  Be Safe, contact us when you are ready.

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