Lions, Tigers and Bears, OH MY!!!!  There is nothing scarier on Halloween than answering the door at night.  Especially when it is your first time in the new home you just bought during the preceding year.

However, until now, you may have not met everyone - tonight, if you are into Treats and not Tricks - you are going to met those "other" families with kids.  You may even meet the teenage crowd that look old enough to never get carded in the local establishments :)

Be gentle - use your peephole and make sure you are on your toes tonight.

We did four stories today with regard to the Santa Clarita real estate world.

One was talking about the Foreclosures - or lack of them within the Santa Clarita Valley. What is responsible for the slow down and why we are hopeful they will surface sometime soon.  Click here for that article by Paris911.

We also did the recon with our REMAX Relocation systems talking about the top three homes in Castaic CA for those relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley.  This happened to be for Castaic Real Estate.  We gave some of the differences between the different sale types that are most prevalent on the SCV market today and why some would better choices than others when it comes to relocating.  Click here for that real estate news story.

During the winter months - we face a real estate slow down.  Why this year may be a bit different comes down to whether or not the debt forgiveness act will be extended during the November 13, 2012 session of congress.  We are hopeful and keeping our fingers crossed - as are all of our Santa Clarita short sale sellers.  Click here to read that Santa Clarita Sellers story.

I went into detail on our Santa Clarita business blog about why my license is not for sale.  I also talked about a clients protection and service over commission.  Some cannot see it that way - but we do.  click here to view that Santa Clarita business article.

Be Safe - use local agents and here is a video that we recorded this AM about searching for real estate at a local level.  The How To and Why to use local search engines when doing your home hunting.