I think I get sick once a year, whether I need it or not.  It seems to have been going that way for the past few years.  As I always tell my kids and staff - "It could always be worse..."  "No matter what you are experiencing, turn up the heat, use your imagination and apply some "worse philosophy", I think you can see that present circumstances aren't that bad :)"

The same could apply to real estate - Business for the Paris911 Team is not the problem.  Having enough clients to remain at our level of the Real Estate game is not either.  The problem is the lacking inventory and the current game set that's being implemented by those real estate agents with no HONOR.

Santa Clarita listings search engineGames such as leaving listings active for sale when they are sold.  Games like using a short sale to delay the bank foreclosing on the property in question by leaving it active and not allowing showing.  (Mr. Mrs. agent - if this is your intent - there are better ways to do this for a family member, past client or friend - not that I'm advocating such action, but if you must break the rules and display the fact you have no code - don't drag the current "home buying" public down with you and your Short Sale Sellers!!!)

Representing the real estate buying and selling public used to be handled by those folks that were looking to supplement their income.  In fact, very few view Real Estate as being a full time business.  Heck, there is no formal education required - even to this day.  The change we have seen is real estate agents are better educated and the best handle their Real estate business in a full time manner.  Most Top Producing real estate agents are pushing 60-80 hours a week.  If we don't put in the work personally for our real estate clients - someone else will :)

Hang in there - we did post our Lifestyle search engine at this link for your viewing pleasure.  click on the photo!!!   It is quite remarkable - give it a run and pay particular attention to the "details" tab and the "market trends" tab as well.  They will give you more information than most can handle.  Thanks for reading, as usual and if you have not subscribed to our Bi Monthly Santa Clarita real estate update - please click the large red circle in the margin.  (it says subscribe - thanks)