While my competition hates that, Rain or Shine, Sick or Sleepy, the Show must go on - The Lame Duck I'm referring to is the next session of congress to be held on November 13, 2012.  You may be wondering why all of the hype about the debt forgiveness?  First, before getting into that - let's talk about what debt forgiveness is.

When someone is having a hard time making their mortgage payment due to the three D's and one J - Death, Divorce, Disease, Job(Loss or other), they typically stop paying their mortgage to focus on more important things, like food and health coverage.

Santa Clarita REMAX local RealtorsIt is at that time most seek out the help of a Local Real Estate agent to assist them with short selling their home.  For discussion's sake, if they owed $500,000 on their home, yet today is was only worth $300,000 - that is a difference of $200,000.  (remember that figure - that $200,000 is the debt that would be forgiven today and in the future if the bill in front of congress is extended).

Those differences between what is owed to the bank holding the mortgage and the amount the property is worth typically require the "human component" to pony up and pay taxes on that portion.  Since 2007 - and in most cases - This has not been the case and it is about to run out come the end of 2012, unless extended.

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