On the wire this AM reference to the amounts of Foreclosures that are on the market for sale - that number has decreased over the past several months.  I can tell you why - it's because the inventory is being picked up at auction and at bulk sale.  Those discounts are even lower than the "REO re-sale" market.  Depending on the mind of the investor - depends on the immediate disposition of the property.  Some will be flipped without rehabbing.  Some will be rehabbed and flipped.  Others will be renter proofed and rented.Santa Clarita housing market

I Rec'd a Call from the VP of lending at the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union - the LAPFCU.  He was wanting to make sure my exchange with their lending arm went to my satisfaction.  I was not receiving call backs - I went on FaceBook and posted the following on the LAPFCU Page:

"I left a two messages for Mary Ann, we have 1/2 a dozen clients that want to finance homes via the LAPFCU, no call back. Called today and the receptionist said to have the clients reach out themselves. Unfortunately, that is not how we best protect our clients. I need to speak to some one for accountability purposes - is that wrong???"

I was called back quickly and Mary Ann was much more than informative and pleasant.  We were able to direct some of their re-fi clients back to them and all is well in the world.  The VP of lending "Ron" was nice too.

We aren't the type of realtors that think all of our clients should work with our Team.  But, We do have a lending arm too.  Heck, we have a few lending arms - depending on the needs of the specific client, we have different arms.  But if we have a client that already has a lender, even if that lender was referred to our client by another Realtor, we want them to stay loyal as long as that won't harm our client.

Have a listen to our podcast above - We did some updates and talked about the Santa Clarita local real estate market.  You got to hear my "sexy sic" voice.  (misspelled on purpose..).  As stated, I'm just glad to know I'm mortal :).

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