Santa Clarita real estate daily show.  Lots of stuff going on, let's get to the bookmarking I did this AM.

Our local real estate market has been published on our Market update pages.  We have presented specific posts for Stevenson Ranch, Valencia and then another that reference the rest of the Santa Clarita Cities.

B of A had a law suit filed on them for the differences in the ways they handle their foreclosure inventory.  Specifically the pre-marketing and maintenance.

We had a couple contact us today that were just over the two year mark with regard to their home closing and being charged off as a short sale.  When can a buyer buy a home after a short sale - what is the time frame - have a listen.

Sworn LEO's, Teachers and Educators - You can get a HUD home at a 50% discount from Appraised value, subscribe for more Intel at HudAlerts dot com.

Local Santa Clarita real estate inventory has been depressed - as of late and since about February 2012.  We are finding that most of those looking in the real estate market are quite frustrated with the inventory and are looking for that "silver bullet".  We may not have found the solve all and cure all - but we are attempting to help our real estate buyers in a "outside of the box" fashion.  click here to see how we do it.

When you are determining if Short selling your Santa Clarita home is for you, make sure you are dealing with an expert.  We have found some clever tricks to get those contemplating a short sale to give up their personal information.  We watched as the development of a Short Sale Calculator came onto the field with the "Real Estate lead generation" game.  It sounds great on the surface, seeing what your home is worth compared to what you owe.  The problem with it was that the follow up emails never stopped - it was Spam City.

Be careful what you sign up for.  Being that I am from a LAPD background - I hate to cheat or misinform anyone. Therefore - to combat spam, we have developed our very own Short Sale calculator - click here to access and we promise you are not being signed up for anything - we will send you the current FMV - fair market value on your home without having to look at it.  For more accurate values - we can come see you for a quick visit, no strings attached.

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