One of the first real estate news stories this AM on the wire had to do with a real estate agent "relieved of duty".  There was not too much more to this story except for the "act" having committed while hosting an open house in a city not in the Santa Clarita Valley.  In addition, this act that cause this agent to sever his position as an agent with this company happened while he was alone at an open house?  The imagination wonders, yes? :)

We have several new listings that have hit the market in the past 24 hours - two are ours and the others are not.  We have a Short Sale in the Cabrini Villas in Burbank CA on Via Napoli.  We also put up a bank owned property for sale on Shelter Cove in Saugus CA.  Access points for each is by using our Google Custom Search and typing in the street names to get the intel.  However, while we love to represent buyers, you have to ask yourself if it is the best thing to use the listing agent when wanting to purchase real estate.  We have our own view of this, reach out to us to see what we think and why.

Today will be a big day on the real estate front because we are preparing a listing for sale in Santa Rosa (the north end of Camarillo).  This home is in the Bridlewood Estates.  We will keep you posted, we are currently in the 18 day period to allow the "foreclosed homeowner" to contact me to get his stuff out of the property.  Noting of value, just filing cabinets full of paperwork.

We have posted some of the latest listings for sale that we are posting up for our sellers that are wanting the best in technological advancements with internet placement and views of their homes for sale by more people than other agents are capable of.

We also have had great outcomes with our "one party show" program to assist those buyers that are looking for a different approach, besides what is on the current real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley for sale.

Be Safe - reach out to us if we can help you and please stay loyal to your real estate agent. 

Here is one of the latest listings for sale in Westridge within the City of Valencia - that is within the Santa Clarita Valley :)

Have a look and let us know when you are ready to attend our crash course on real estate to develop your own personal game plan.

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