Don't get trapped :)  Don't give up your personal information!  Bring your ballistic armor.  Ok, so it's not that bad.  There are a few things that you need to know when visiting Santa Clarita open houses.  If you are working with a real estate agent, and they have been working for you, and you like them, make sure you let the agent hosting the open house know that!BEST open house resource for California

Don't be swayed by any of the information that the agent hosting the open house may tell you to take you away from your real estate agent.  Those "Words of Grandeur" are unethical.  They also may say demeaning and hurtful things about the agent  you are working with.  That is just downright childish, unethical and could be an issue legally if it were to be proven.

When we hold open houses, the first thing we make sure of is that the home is really for sale :)  Believe it or not, some agents will have open houses held to get clients (potential buyers).  Heck, it's cheaper than advertising in the local paper and easier than writing gobs of content to get noticed by Google and Bing.  However, some of those open houses are not really for sale or have already sold.  Double check on our Mobile Application by directing your mobile phone, ipad, or other device to our website of Paris911 dot com, search nearby homes, then you will see if the listing is really on the market for sale or not. click here for access to our mobile website

And then there is that other thing.  That mandatory signing in process. So the Seller knows who is entering their home without have a Realtor being with them to make sure they don't steal anything.  Actually, that is not the entire reason, it could be that the agent wants to get your personal info, even if you say you already have a real estate agent you are working with, so they can "touch" you in the future.

Here is the bottom line.  If you are working with a real estate agent and you are going out on your own to look at open houses in the Santa Clarita Valley or anywhere, just let the agent know you have a real estate agent and you are not interested in switching.  The "Grass is always greener" when someone wants your business.  I have had our "Loyal Clients" tell us some tall tales that were told to them in order to get them to ditch us as their real estate agents.  You may hear all sorts of things that could potentially sway you from using those whom you are using at this point.  Give your real estate agent the benefit of the doubt and ask them if they can do "_____________ fill in the blank with what the open house hosting agent told you"...

Be Safe and let us know if you want to dump your agent to work with the BESTEST Team in the Universe :) (jk)

This home just entered escrow with an accepted offer by the Seller for a very well qualified buyer in Saugus CA.  Have a look through the data and if you are interested in us finding you something similar or different all together - reach out to the Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita Valley CA.  We are everywhere :)  Google us to see...

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