With the advent of the internet - we are more connected in "different ways".  I know, for a fact, that clients still like the personal approach.  They still like to be able to stare in the eyes of someone they are considering hiring.  They also like the embrace of a firm, warm and dry handshake.

However, the thing that our real estate clients hate are the "interruption marketers".  They like to do the search and find those they are going to use in their real estate endeavors.  They don't like to be trapped into using anyone for anything and they hate people knocking on their doors!!!

The High Pressure way, that has made salesmen from all walks of life famous, that is so yesterday as well.

The best ways is to engage, listen to, respond for and keep those that have asked the "question", within arms reach.  However, this is not done by force and not too often.  The days of getting a newsletter each and every day about something such as "Real Estate" is over-kill.

There is a time and place for news reporting at a local level within the Santa Clarita Valley and I know The Paris911 Team at REMAX has found that "time and place".  Every 8-10 days or so.  That is enough news for anyone.  That is what you get when you subscribe on any of our real estate sites/systems.

And it is nothing that has to be read.  It is a Video Newsletter.  Something that is not that common amongst sales types.  There is something about the "uncovered" approach of video.  The presentation itself gives the viewer a much better feel for who is presenting the information.  Maybe that is why it is not used as much as one would think.  Too many bad "feelings" amongst the "Sales person seeking public". :)

Today, Foreclosures came up as the top news story.  With the reductions from the same time last year, it has been noticed that foreclosures are down in "number and filings".  However, looking at our foreclosure resource, we are seeing that Auctions are Up.  They are trumping the Foreclosures that are bank owned within the Santa Clarita Valley.  The BEST thing about auctions means that someone is buying to flip.

If they are buying these properties at auction between 60-80 cents on the dollar - they can afford to undercut the market further in order to move their inventory. If they have bought these properties at bulk sale - they will be able to undercut the market even more.

FHA - 3.5% down payment to purchase real estate.  However, if it is a condo/town-home, or something with HOA, it has to be on the approved list.  If it is, then you are good to go.  There are also minimum standards for the FHA appraisers as mandated by HUD.  They cannot be in too bad of shape.  They cannot have broken windows, missing flooring, missing appliances, along with other criteria your Real Estate agent of choice can explain to you.

If you are VA - 0% down payment to purchase real estate, you can raise the bar with regard to their Appraisals and their Minimum Standards required to allow for financing.

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