There is a lot to talk about with regard to real estate news and events in the Santa Clarita Valley. The two issues that seem to keep coming to the forefront of the pipeline are "How can I find the Newest Listings in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and why cannot I buy a home with my VA Loan"?

The answer to the first question is easy. That can only be found by visiting a site that has been built with that singular purpose in mind.  They have to cut out all of the other listings and only populate the page with new listings that were fed to it directly by the Multiple Listing Service and the local Boards of Realtors.Give the VA officials a break when it comes to offering in real estate

You can find such a page owned and operated by REMAX of Santa Clarita's Paris911 Team by heading over to our Main Real Estate website for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities and typing in the word "new", without the quotes, into the MacBoX at the top part of the screen.   The MacBox is our specific search resource that assists with the direction of our clients to the Exclusive Paris911 Resources that we have built over the years.  We are all about protection and service through answering our clients questions in a very direct manner. We have taken their questions and posted them up in written form to assist others that are in the Real estate purchasing and selling venues.

The second question that was poised was about VA and why those types of offers are so hard to have accepted.  Are the VA appraisers from a different planet?  Do they have a different method of doing appraisals?  Are they mandated to bring in values below fair market value?  Are they using different comparable properties as compared to a Conventional or FHA appraiser?

Actually, in our local market - the VA appraiser is one that does other types of appraisals as well.  They merely have been blessed via the training they have obtained, to do appraisals for VA buyers that are borrowing VA money.

VA appraisers do not come from a different planet, as far as I know.  Regarding using different comparable properties in their appraisals - they may be using the most recent instead of using the past 6 months of history, as allowed by the VA Standards.  Reference bringing in their values lower than Fair Market Value, aren't all appraisers? :)  How about the methods they use to do appraisals - they should be the same, but there is a difference :)

The property standard.  The way in which a property has been treated and the kind of shape it is in.  It has to be turn-key. The repairs have to be exceedingly minor.  And if there are repairs to be done - they have to be paid to be fixed or remedy'd by the seller.  If the seller is a short sale or a foreclosure, they may not allow for those repairs to be made and knowing this, may not choose a VA buyer in the first place.  Especially, when that VA offer has other types of offers submitted with it by other buyers.  Such as FHA, Conventional or Cash.

 What's the Fix for this and VA?  Not more regulation - but what about you, as the agent representing the Veteran, doing a video of introduction and placing that on the offer, that the seller needs to watch the video.  Have your VA clients be real and watch as you win the offering process.