Today marks another GREAT day in life. All you have to do is accept that and continue with positive thoughts. Striking yourself of all things negative. I also mean negative people, when I talk about negative. So get it done! There is no time like the present. We are all counting on you, no pressure :)

Santa Clarita market updates will be completed sometime today. We have finally put the finishing touches on our Executive Summary reports for each of the Santa Clarita Cities. We have included research and numbers on two types of reports, both compiling the numbers for everything that is residential real estate. The reports are Condo/town-home were compiled and then we compiled, and will be uploading the, reports for Single Family Residences.

These are "complete and factual" real estate reports. The data displayed is 100% accurate and has not been manipulated to influence any type of decision. When we talk about influence, I'm speaking of the following quotes I see when surfing the real estate agents blogs (not all - in fact, these are in a minority - most of the owners and operators of real estate blogs know that this is not the way to stay in business for long)

-"Rates are not going to stay this way forever - you better buy now..."
-"There has never been a better time to sell, home sales are at an all time high..."
-"Quit Renting when you can own a home so that your payments are a write off..."

These "high pressure - pointed" quotes are all lacking something. They are lacking data and are self serving of the real estate agent that wrote them. If the agents that type and write in this manner really wanted to do it right - they would give numbers not orders. They have to realize that the public is not as "uneducated" as they might think. Check out these:

-"This week, Home interest rates dropped to 3.4% - they have never been this low in the history of keeping track of interest rate levels..."
-"We have had sharp increases in home prices - 10% increase on average within the city of Valencia CA for Single Family Residences..."
-"We had two of our clients just call us and they told us their tax return had almost 100% of what they had been paying on their mortgage contained within their refund. That was GREAT news and they are happy they decided to buy instead of rent..."

I don't know about you but I personally like the second set better. Don't tell them what to do, just give your clients the facts and they will make their own decisions.

Be Safe and thanks for reading. I'm sitting in a parking lot at Albertsons Super market in North Valencia. I am heading over to show some clients a home on Stagecoach that just hit the market for sale today - It's A Standard Sale! At 11am, we have some potential Short Sale Sellers that want to have a Short Sale presentation given to them. Tonight, I'll be at Lazy Dog for Drinks with Tim B - who is the Legal Form Master in Santa Clarita Valley and Beyond!!!