If you have been in the "real estate" game since 2010 - you will remember the last "peak" with regard to pending homes sales.  That came in April 2010.  That was a time in the latest real estate cycle when there were HUGE numbers of "for sale" real estate in escrow.

Offers had been written and accepted on those properties.  Recently - We hit our Second Peak in the real estate market. Today's ultra low interest rates have been bringing the buyers out in droves to purchase residential real estate.  (instead of the tax credit being the reason - the super low interest rates are)Santa Clarita loan brokers

Everything cannot keep going up and up.  There has to be a ceiling then a push-back somewhere.  Most of the agents, lenders and brokerages thought the real estate market was going to increase forever.  That was impossible, as we saw back in early 2007 when the Big Sub-primer Fell - kicking off the collapse of the real estate market.

Even temporary gains will be broken over time.  This is good intel to know when approaching the Santa Clarita home buying plate.  It is better to use Market Data to formulate your Santa Clarita real estate game plan.

We have a few options regarding Market Data in the Santa Clarita cities and research points.