Another email this AM from a motion picture producer.  Actually, he was probably not the producer but a location manager that was looking for a place to film a reality series.  There are a few criteria, the home would have to be looking like the area in "central" Texas.  So, no palm trees or ocean views.  It would have to have a spiral stair case or a stair case that unloads in a living or family room.  That was pretty much the just of the email.

He said he would offer $1,000 a day and needs two days minimum.  Before you contact me to have you introduced, check with your home owners insurance company and make sure your not hanging your self out when it comes to liability.

When you meet anyone that wants to  use your home for filming, get copies of their insurance forms, contact the company on the forms and maybe check with another source to make sure the company it legit.