Top 10 Santa Clarita real estate agent best traitsIt's not easy deciphering the most critical attributes of the 10 BEST Santa Clarita real estate agents.

In some those characteristics are hard to find :)

But, as dad used to say, "Look inside yourself and you will usually find the right answer..."

Or something like that, he was a man of very few words, a good listener and I miss him every day.

The Top 10 traits of the best Santa Clarita real estate agents

  • Available
  • Selfless
  • Malleable
  • Direct
  • Honest
  • Self-aware
  • Communicative
  • Reliant
  • Self-analyzing
  • Faith

I'll break these down for further review. When it comes to hiring the BEST real estate agents, you can rely on those "review" websites - but in some cases, they really seem to fall short.

There is another type of real estate agent search website that is promising to refer you to the top (insert number here) agents in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Those are great - but the agents on those websites are paying them to be listed in the top (insert number here) agents in the Santa Clarita Valley.

When you look online, you will also see the "ADS" posted at the top of the search results. Those are also paid for placement by the corporations, real estate syndication websites, and other local agents in the Santa Clarita Valley.

To be frank, I'm Connor, :) - I will tell you this. When researching online for anything, a doctor, car dealers, and other service professionals, I go to Google and I look within the organic results.

Those are the results when you conduct a search like "who are the best Santa Clarita real estate agents?"

They appear below the ADS and are going to be below the real estate syndication websites that have their own review systems in place.

Local real estate websites and local agents who own and operate a local real estate blog are excellent starting points.

If they are at the top of the organic results, they are doing something right and, I know this for a fact, writing a lot of Santa Clarita real estate market updates. They are talking and writing about the local real estate market. They are adding value to their clients and are not caring about the review websites like Yelp and Zillow because they have the ear of the clients.

The fake reviews and those who consider themselves as the best agent's competitors are maliciously reviewing in an attempt to thwart the success of the BEST Santa Clarita agents.

1) The BEST Santa Clarita Realtors are: Available

There are times when we are away, traveling, it's not often, but it happens.

During those times I could leave my clients in the capable care of one of my employees. Do I dare? Never. I never dare when it comes to my clients.

There are times when I'm working with a client who's work schedule is not the norm.

I was a Los Angeles Police Department Police Officer. I worked the morning watch - from 10 pm to 7 am. Now, most of the patrol officers are on 12-hour shifts, time seems to become runny when working all night during the hours of darkness.

I am asleep and my clients know this, but I get back to them ASAP and will adhere to their schedule if the issue is pressing.

In other circumstances, when we need to speak at length about something that cannot wait, that arises later in the PM - I'll schedule a call or visit in person during the very late or early hours of the day.

It's about being available for my Santa Clarita home buyers and home sellers. 

2) The Top Santa Clarita Realtors are: Selfless

Here is an awesome lesson.

We had a client that was buying a condo in Canyon Country. We were viewing the property and were at the home inspection phase. 

As the home inspector was in the garage, he called to me and my client.

We went over to see what he wanted and he pointed out some very thick black fur growing from behind the water heater and showed us a video of it having grown up the interior of the wall to the second story of the condo.

At this point, knowing what the cost of mold abatement is and that the person I'm representing has two young children, my selfless advice was to move along and not buy this condo.

Of course, the seller could pay to have it remedied. However, there is no guarantee that everything will be removed to a condition where it had never been.

There is too much at risk for the buyer's young children. A better scenario would be to move onto looking at other condos and not to get involved with this unit.

Just to let you know, this did play out. My client wanted to give it a go. Come to find out, this was the most dangerous type of mold. The seller found the costs too much to remedy the situation as it needed to be. The seller's insurance did not cover mold.

The final decision, was as I had instructed, but was gentle in the presentation. We moved and look at other condos and townhomes, we found one where there was no mold and it actually was a better fit and location for my clients.

The Best Santa Clarita realtors put their clients first above their own desires and needs. They will inform and advise their clients even if it means there is no paycheck in it for them.

3) The Top 10 Santa Clarita agents are: Malleable

At times, when folks are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, they lock in what they think they want but change their minds.

I get that, financing something that takes 30 years to pay off, that's a lot to bite off.

Then those same clients may lock in their home of choice, only to have an uncle or cousin advise them against buying that specific home for one reason or another.

When those events occur, the home buyer will call me and want to cancel the transaction.

The cancellation is not as simple, at least for me, as it is for them.

I have to then call the other agent and advise escrow and get all of the paperwork and documentation together to make the cancellation actual.

Being Malleable, like a green tree, bendable without breaking, doing what the clients want. Advising the clients when they are making a mistake and being patient above all things, that is malleable.

This also applies to the changing of the mind when it comes to buying a home in the first place. Or even when it comes to selling one.

There is no reason to go against a home seller or a home buyer when they want to stand down their approach to real estate.

Even if that means that I spent money and time with them in the pursuit of their real estate desires.

Again, no reason to be upset. I have found representing home buyers and home sellers since 1998 that I sleep better than I'm flexible, especially when it comes to my real estate clients' needs.

4) The BEST Santa Clarita agents are: Direct

I don't mean beating a person over the head with a large object.

I mean stating it like it is. With truth, honesty, and facts. There is a bit of romance when it comes to certain things and it's very much appreciated.

Real Estate is not one of those things. Real estate is a long term commitment and should be handled in a direct way.

Since 1998, when I first started. This method has served my real estate business well. 

My Clients have been satisfied and very well protected when it came to buying and selling real estate.

5) The Top Santa Clarita realtor agents are: Honest

This is a must and this point is also one of those points that should not have to be stated.

Here is a story.

We had a couple in our offices which were translated by their children.

While I speak a little Spanish, it's cop Spanish, I can tell you to drop the gun and put your arms up, but fielding and answering real estate questions, no way.

They were relaying a story about an agent, the last agent that their parents had which got them into the mess in the first place.

Apparently the real estate agent was also the "seller" and the "lender" on the transaction.

Mr. and Mrs. Salazar did not know this until after all was said and done.

Not only did Mr. and Mrs. Salazar not know that their agent was about to earn over $75,000 in commission, but the appraisal was also manipulated so the home sold for $60,000 more than it was worth at the time.

The saddest thing, according to Mr. Salazar was the fact the agent was one of their distant cousins and as he put it, "one of our own people."

A Santa Clarita real estate agent on the top 10 list should be exceptionally honest, to a fault.

6) Self Aware - The top 10 Santa Clarita real estate agent trait 6

You are probably wondering where I am going with this? When I was a police officer I taught several subjects, the most advantageous was situational and tactical training.

What do you do if? Type of training.

How do you treat people? Type of training.

While most would think that people that are becoming police officers would know how to treat people, in some cases the "authority" passed along in the process of making a police officer can get to a person's head.

The price of admission to selling real estate has a very low bar.

The price of admission to be a police officer has a very high bar.

While you can be a real estate agent at 18 by passing a test.

You have to be hired by a law enforcement organization after an exhaustive background check and then pass a 6+ month academy where you are constantly reviewed. Then you have to pass a 1-year probationary period, where the dynamics involve several training officers, daily entry as to your performance, and a ton of supervisory oversight.

During that entire time, your background investigator remains active, trying to dig up anything they can in order to get you fired!

In real estate, you pass the test.  Yes, it's a hard test - but nothing like the price which is paid to be a Police Officer for the City of Los Angeles.

Self-aware - I became self-aware when I became a police officer at 21 for the LAPD.

I observed how I was built for a higher calling. To protect and to serve people.

I actually reflected often at my position and the power it offered. However, like I taught the people I trained, I never wanted it to go to my head.

Some were self-aware, others were not and got into trouble.

There is a lot of responsibility in real estate when you are dealing with a person's life savings. There is a lot of care that needs to be taken in the process by those top 10 Santa Clarita real estate agents.

7) The top 10 Santa Clarita agents need to be: Communicative

During the time that I'm writing my top 10 traits of the BEST Santa Clarita real estate agents, we are in quarantine. 

I write a lot anyway, so this would have been written quarantine or not. The COVID19 crisis is amongst us and we just heard yesterday the quarantine for Los Angeles County retail establishments may be lifted, but with a lot of rules.

Life has changed for sure. I laughest when in the movie "demolition man" they did not shake hands - they just did air circles when the provided "greetings and situations" to one another. Maybe that is where we are going to be?

We talk to people. I listen often and try not to talk much when it comes to my clients. I say what needs to be said, but listening is really the most important.

If you, as a real estate agent listen to your clients, they will tell you exactly what they want and how you can do your best to represent them.

The method of communication is important and it should be to the client's satisfaction.

If we have a client that is unplugged from technology and wants to communicate face to face, mask or not, we should oblige.

If there is a client is on the other side of the spectrum and is a first adopter of technology and wants to do everything via a video interface, the same rule applies - I need to be adaptive.

Zoom - Facetime - bombbomb video email - all are ways in which a real estate agent can be communicative in the Santa Clarita Valley.

If you want to meet in a real office, I have that. If you want to meet at a Starbucks, I'm there. If you want to meet while you are vacationing in Milan via skype - I got you covered.

Speaking directly and via active listening, the Top 10 Santa Clarita realtors are able to help their clients above and beyond reproach.

8) The top 10 agents in Santa Clarita should be: Reliant

Star Trek? Sounds familiar.

A pet peeve of mine is when I have an appointment with someone and they are late.

I don't know where it came from, but I was always early to my appointments growing up.

Maybe it was my dad's influence on me starting at a young age.

I figured that being on time is one of the few things that I have some control over.

I leave early and arrive early. I do this will all my appointments and I expect the same from my real estate clients.

Of course, things happen, but being on time regularly is a good indicator of what a person thinks of me and my business and visa versa.

When you are able to rely on one of the top 10 Santa Clarita realtors, you can relax a bit and not heighten your stress level. That is because you know it's going to be done.

It will get done, what your top 10 Santa Clarita agents told you will happen, if they said it would, it will.

I don't over promise and under deliver. We used to work with a local Santa Clarita real estate lender that has this practice. They would always swear to the stars everything is going to work out. Then, the client was really let down when things did not work out. BTW, that relationship did not last more than 1 transaction and we were able to have our clients seek a great loan elsewhere.

Do what you say you are going to do. Simple, yet one of the hardest lessons that a person can learn.

9) Self-analyzing - The 9th top 10 Agent trait in Santa Clarita real estate

How did I do? Could I have done better? How am I able to improve? Did I serve my client at a 100% level?

Looking back to learn how to be in the future is important.

Looking back to dwell on the past that does not serve anyone well.

A lesson for another time, perhaps?

I want to make sure that I have served my clients at a 100% level. What that means to me is there are no questions, complaints and my clients are satisfied.

They have been fulfilled by me to their personal satisfaction based on their previous knowledge. 

My Clients have also been "overly fulfilled" in the way that I pampered and protected them throughout the entire home buying or home selling process.

Some times you don't know how you should have been treated until a professional top 10 Realtor in the Santa Clarita Valley shows you by their direct representation.

This is something that is hard to teach agents.

I don't want to reflect after I have my ass handed to me by a client because of a mistake or error I made.

I want to always check my actions and consider those things that I will be interacting with before they happen.

Self Analyzing is something that the Best 10 Realtors in Santa Clarita Valley do on a regular basis.

10) The Top 10 Realtors in Santa Clarita Valley have: Faith

I have a friend, he's a good friend and he is an atheist.

Do you know what he likes about me? He likes me that I'm not. He often says that he trusts me more than most because I'm "God-fearing". (big G by me not by him :O )

I don't think that has much to do with anything. We may differ on the creation and salvation front, but I'd trust him with my life, and I have.

However, I have faith. I think that if it's not in a God of the Living God, faith in certain things gives depth to a person.

Maybe faith in pets, the earth, other people, of Fung Shui. Faith is not a bad thing and can be helpful.

Now, blind faith - as it comes to business and real estate, hoping it will get done and hoping that everything will work out for the real estate client? - No Bueno.

This is not good and a poor plan of action by a person who is supposed to be a top-level, 10, professional Realtor in the Santa Clarita Valley.

I work by faith, but there are many things I have to do in order to protect and serve my real estate clients to get them what they want in real estate.

I cannot "wing it" and hope the higher power will step in and close the transaction.

I'm an active professional realtor and I know that certain things are not in my control. My job is to perform the tasks that are within my control to the benefit of my client and keep them informed about those things that are not in my control.

That is where the surprise comes in, assuming people know what is and what is not in a professional top 10 agent's control.

Faith is being transparent, not assuming. 

I'm Connor MacIvor and this Top 10 Traits of the best Santa Clarita Real estate agents was fun to write. I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

There are so many "review" websites and those who are manipulating the pay per click internet results it is almost impossible for a person that wants to buy or sell real estate to get a fair estimate of a professional realtor.

You are not researching real estate for years before you want to buy or sell a home. 

You have heard from your family, relatives, or those in your world that buying a home at some point is good.

That point comes because you are ready and you may ask a friend or family if they know a great Santa Clarita real estate agent.

You then may double-check what they told you by going online and punching in the agent's name.

That agent may come up by name or not. Depending on their time on the job and how "published" they are.

You read some of the reviews that seem that their mom typed up and you may be satisfied or not.

Some home buyers and home sellers are more private and want to go it alone without asking others who they recommend in the Santa Clarita real estate venue.

Those home buyers or home sellers type in the typical search inquiries to google only to be bombarded by a ton of ADS and real estate syndication websites in the results.

If there is a local real estate agent who writes a bunch about the Santa Clarita real estate market or articles pertaining to daily/weekly Santa Clarita real estate updates, they may come up close to the top.

That would be your best bet for sure. After you google:

Santa Clarita real estate market

Santa Clarita real estate update

They google the agent or agents who are the owners of those websites where google is directing you.

I think that would be the best place to start your research for the top Santa Clarita real estate agent.

After that, reach out to the agent directly and talk with them. Ask them outright how they will best serve your real estate needs and how they are different from other agents.

Those questions always catch the "sketchy" real estate agent off guard and they stumble over themselves trying to say the right thing. And by "right thing" means the things you are wanting to hear.

You want someone that has the top 10 traits of the BEST Santa Clarita realtors. Be well, thanks for reading and I'm sure we will speak soon so I may apply for the job of being your Santa Clarita real estate agent. I'm Connor MacIvor.

We have a "program" in place that helps buyers and sellers save money when buying or selling Santa Clarita real estate.

To register for our program, which also applies when buying a new Santa Clarita home, send me your name and information. You can also register for an account on my Santa Clarita home experts website, it's free and will enroll you into our program.