When we have a home seller who wants to attend a seminar on the best ways to prepare their Santa Clarita CA home for sale, we have 10 points that we cover during the seminar - Allow me to briefly give you the intel.

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10 Mistakes in preparing homes for sale

Top 10 Real Estate Seller mistakesNeglecting Repairs and Maintenance - Some of us always seem to be behind when it comes to updating their homes. And then you have the "others" - You know those people, whom you maybe one, who always seem to be on top of all repairs and maintenance on their homes? - I'm not that, but when it comes to preparing a home for sale, things need to be attended to. Caulking, AC filters, Servicing home systems, etc.. A pre sale home inspection will reveal your items neglected list.

Not Depersonalizing - The photos, family, children, those who live or are loved by those in the home which is being sold, not removing these will cause Buyers to not be able to envision themselves living in your home. Take them down. Remove them and put them away out of any potential buyers sight.

Not Removing Odors - Last week me and some of my buyers went to an open house in Valencia. The smell of pet urine - both dog and cat was overwhelming. Add to that the air fresheners which had been deployed to cover it - it was really something to remember. In fact, I could not get the smell out of my nose for the rest of the day. Suggestion - Febreze - original scent - make it your friend. It does not cover - it neutralizes - which is different than incense and candles. If the pet odor and urine has saturated the carpet - it will need to be removed before listing the home for sale. Also, if left neglected long enough it may have permeated the floor board - which may have to be replaced. Food/Cooking odors can be neutralized with a spattering of Febreze throughout the home and kitchen before your visitors show up to view your home.

Refusing to Disconnect Emotionally - As a top producing real estate agent, as I have been since 1998, I will tell you that we do have to assume the role of confidant and therapist for some of our home sellers and home buyers. Whether you are a Santa Clarita home seller or home buyer - remember REAL ESTATE IS A BUSINESS TRANSACTION. You are looking for the best qualified buyers for your home who are going to agree to a majority of your terms, giving you the best profit on the sale, period!

Spot Cleaning versus Q-Tip Clean - Nooks and Crannies - You need to get the elbow grease out to get a home prepared for sale in a hot real estate market. While competition may be thin, we have seen, through experience, a home buyer will have a totally different feel when viewing two homes by the same builder, where one was not super clean and the other was. This act of making a home super clean will also equal more net profit and high offers for a Santa Clarita home seller.

Not showing a rooms proper function - If you have a bedroom which is being used as an office, it will pay off if it's returned to being a bedroom. The same rule applies for any room which is not as was intended by the designer/builder. In most circumstances, it will be beneficial to rent/buy furniture to assist the room in being returned to it's intended use.

Not having enough light - Open Windows, drapes, also make sure the windows are cleaned inside and out. This will include removing the outer screens and washing those windows so they show crystal clear. Second floors too. Have the ledges and railings cleaned out and all windows serviced - it shows true pride of ownership and allows HUGE amounts of light inside. All Lamps need to be on during showings, if the home is still gloomy - buy more lights.

Not investing money in updates - Some may like a gold embossed shower frame, but most do not. Maybe your 1" pink tile bathroom surface and backsplash was the thing in the 1960's - today, people are looking for Quartz, Granite or Custom "lighted" concrete. Updates are different than deferred maintenance. I will look around your home and advise you on what changes will pay off and which would be a waste of money.

Ignoring professional advice - I want your home to sell for the best possible price, which would be the best for the home seller. I will always be upfront and honest with you. All things that I say to you will be verifiable and I will show you factual information and proof in written form. At the end of the day, all we have is the trust built between us. There are specific ways in which buyers have when it comes to looking at homes and real estate for sale. I will explain these and won't steer you wrong.

Listing before staging or renovations - In a hurry? Some sellers want it done yesterday, starting the marketing and showings of their home before they have completed the "honey do" steps which I speak about on this Selling Santa Clarita "don't do" top 10 list. There is an old saying that my dad was especially fond of, "Son, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression..." He was right and so am I. We want to wait until your home is "ready" for photos and showings - it will pay off for you, my experience shows it.

I'm Connor MacIvor - I hold real estate seminars in my REMAX of Santa Clarita office, telephonically and on demand. They are always live and I have had very respectable reviews pertaining to them. Please let me know when you are ready for me to evaluate your home in the Santa Clarita Valley. If you want to schedule a Santa Clarita real estate seminar - do it.