Stress - is not good.  Stress when spending the most amount of money, you have at this point in your life, is worse.  Make sure your agent of choice is educating you with regard to the real estate inventory and informs you as to where that inventory is currently and why this current level has to increase.

Getting a handle on strategic real estateIn addition, they should be talking about the word on the street by the FED.   They say they are going to keep interest rates at low levels until 2015.  That means time is on your side if you are a buyer that is frustrated by the current levels of inventory in your city of choice.

We have implemented several areas of change on the TOP Real Estate website for Santa Clarita Realty.  Two items that we have gotten many requests for by our real estate clientele that wanted access to be much easier.  That is why we placed our "how's the Market doing this week" map on the home page of Paris911 just below the video.

The second item people have been beating down our door over is our Foreclosure Radar System. It is always able to be accessed by going to the lead website for SCV Real Estate by SCV agents and typing into the MACbox "Foreclosure Radar" or "FR", both without the quotes.  However, to assist with the requests, we have posted it on our home page as well.  Just scroll down and you will see it appropriately titled for use.

One of the other things mentioned on the Santa Clarita Real Estate podcast, above, was the fact most use our Foreclosure Radar Resource to have us assist them with our "One Party Show".  Have a listen and if you want more information about that - head over to our MacBoX at the top of our Main RE Website, type into it:  One Party Show.

Be Safe - here is to having the BEST Sunday you have ever had in your life and we will talk to you soon.