How can it be? Interest rates are at a record low 3.4% with nothing to buy? We watched as the numbers of homes sold decreased even with interest rates decreasing as well.

In the Santa Clarita valley we have 1/5th of the homes on the market than we did September 2011.  One-Fifth!!!  Example - If we had 100 homes on the market for sale in September 2011 - today we have 20.  Those are some "real" declines in real estate inventory.  We have the Graphical Data for the inventory in the Santa Clarita Cities.  Here is the Graph for Valencia CA - Scroll back using the bottom sliding scale on the graph to see the history of Inventory for Valencia. Click here to view the rest of the inventory pages for Santa Clarita Valley.As you can see - inventory is at an all time low in the City of Valencia CA.  The same follows suit in the rest of the Santa Clarita Cities.  However, this will not last too long we hope and so do our buyers.

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