The California Real Estate bill of rights was just signed into law by Governor Brown. This seemingly only changes one thing on a Real Estate consultant's level. That has to do with a new property owner having to take care and concern when evicting the inhabitant that was in the property when it was sold. Mostly, this is going to apply to property sold during the foreclosure process or at auction. The New Owner has to wait 90 days - in the case of a "written lease" that is in place - it changes the game more still.

I am Christa Car Wash in Valencia CA. It's at the corner of Newhall Ranch Road and Bouquet Canyon Road. I think the dirt was holding my car together and it's not a Good representation of any real estate agent when they are driving around a dirty "water spotted" car. Especially when they drive around clients in their car all day long :) I tried to haggle the price of the wax - I should not park my car near sprinklers, according to the attendant...

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