With the latest market report that we completed for Valencia CA - We watched as a home price reduction took place for the first time since September 2011.

Santa Clarita valley marketThere could be several reasons for this - It could be that financing became more constrictive. It could be that interest rates have risen and it's taking time for the market to adjust.  It could also be a case of inventory becoming more plentiful.

Today's real estate update in Santa Clarita has 16 new listings hitting the for sale market.  Access point for the New Inventory is by going to the MacBoX at our Main Real estate website for Santa Clarita and by typing in the word "NEW" into it.

We are also going to get some of our SCV Foreclosure Updates and alerts posted today. Watching the foreclosure activity is a good indicator of potential future listings.

Make sure, if you haven't already, check out our "One Party Show", to see how we approach this scenario for our Exclusive Real Estate buyers.