Back in 2001, we had our second son - His birth name - Aiden Blade.  Cool yes?  He has been the light of our lives, as has his older brother, and we wish them all of Gods Blessings for their lives to come.

Santa Clarita real estate updatesToday also marks the start of my 6th month without eating sugar or carbs - no more than 20 grams a day.  I have dropped almost 70 pounds.  I started the Atkins, High fat, moderate protein and Ketogenic level carb intake April 16, 2012.

Today is also a special day for Valencia CA Real Estate.  While not as note worthy as the two above "passions of love",Valencia CA has just had a Record Broken as it relates to Median Sale prices for Single Family Residences.

Since September 2011, Valencia CA has been on a steady rise as far as home prices goes.  There was no part of the last  year where there was a dip in the cycle.  While the prices were not going up as they were back in 2006, in hand over fist fashion, they were steadily rising.

This Week - marks the first week that we have had a "decline" in Valencia CA Sales Prices.  It was approximately 10K less than the previous week.  Could this be a trend of things to come or is this one of those small dips that occurs before the prices continue to rise?  Time will tell.  Stay tuned in to our Santa Clarita Cities Real Estate market Update Channel.