FYI, with our latest update, you can view the real estate intel that has been compiled for the previous week.

Access point for this happens to be obtained by going to Paris911 dot com and typing the word "Market Updates" into the macBox.  We had the MacBox built to assist our clients.  It has been a long time since we had explained the MacBox, it's why and how to use it.

Today - We will give you the intel below via video.Some of the most recent additions to the macbox have been our Resource Areas and blogs for our Santa Clarita real estate team.  Including the following MacBoX friendly words:

  • Daily- Type in this word into the MacBox to view our Daily Real Estate show for Santa Clarita Valley.
  • Market Updates- Type these words into the MaCBox to view the latest in PDF updates for each of the Santa Clarita Cities - each report is separate by City and also separate by housing type(condo/town-home/single family residence).
  • Foreclosure Updates- Type these words into the MacBoX to view our Market Reports for Foreclosures for each of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.
Be Safe and let us know how we can help you.  We have also put up another pocket listing that will not be on the Multiple Listing Service