SCV Real Estate audioWe do shows about real estate. It was really nice when Cinch.FM was around. I would record mobile podcasts on the go. However, I am in the process of downloading my over 200 podcasts about "Topical" real estate.

I have some gems on here. Here is one of the titles that I'm going to be uploading when I find the BEST wordpress Plugin for an audio player I can find:

Click on the link above to play this podcast via your computer. - click Twice Please to get the Audio Going (so hence the reason I'm looking for a wordpress plugin for Audio :) )

I will upload other audio files within our Santa Clarita real estate blog. I am actually kind of glad my hand had been forced to upload within my own platform. Change is good :)

We did a couple of huge updates yesterday. The first of which was a Market Update that encompassed all of the cities of the Santa Clarita Valley. Each of the updates are in PDF format and are easy read and understand. Some ask us why we spend so much back on our business by hiring an independent research company etc. There is only one to grow a business, that is to take a certain percentage and put it back into the biz. We just happen to put it into systems our real estate clients can use. click here to see our Market Updates for Santa Clarita Cities

Earlier this week we brought to you a story about Foreclosures heading, more and more, to bulk sale. We also hit upon why it seems that Auctions of Santa Clarita real estate are becoming much more prevalent. click here to read that article and to check the Foreclosure Updates

We also just put our Market Update Video's into play. This is where we take a single city within our Santa Clarita market reports by PDF and talk them out on video. Hitting the numbers and getting to the bottom of what they mean. To tune into this Paris911 at REMAX Resource: click here to view our Market Updates by Video