If you have ever had a problem with your mobile stuff - iPad's, iPhone's, iPod's, Samsung's, or other brands, especially when the glass brakes because of a fall, it is quite unnerving. We just put together a post on our Santa Clarita business blog that addresses this very thing. click here to read more about this topic

Today, there are eight (8) new listings that have hit the Santa Clarita valley real estate re-sale markets. These eight listings span the entire Santa Clarita Valley and run the span of most price ranges. click here to see the new inventory

We also talked about, very recently, visiting any one of the new builders or new construction centers in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. It does make a difference when you can choose your own representation. When you go to court, the court does not tell you whom you should choose to represent you with your legal matters. They leave it up to you. You can choose anyone you want as long as they are licensed in the appropriate ways and meet the requirements of the court.

Real Estate, whether buying new or used homes, should be no different. Anyone interested in buying a new or re-sale home should be able to choose the real estate agent that represents them. However, this is a bit "different" when it comes to New Construction and new home centers. This is the case If you don't take your agent with you upon your first visit.

By this simple, unknowing act, you void any future chance of having your real estate agent represent you. It goes way beyond them not getting paid. "Legally" they are not part of the transaction, they aren't allowed and don't have access to any of the documents. You have now signed on to allow the Builders Agent to be your singular representative when it comes to buying that "new construction home, condo or town-home". check out our "before we meet" video

Enough of this, that beating of a dead horse thing is so over-rated. What's new on the Foreclosure Front? Not much, but I have been watching as the "properties to be auctioned" are overpowering the Bank Owned and Pre-foreclosure inventory. We have implemented Foreclosure Radar Resources for this very thing. To check the inventory that is "off the radar" in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. I have started to watch the maps change and "Auctions" becoming more and more pronounced. Overrunning the Bank owned and pre-foreclosures being posted on the very same map. Could this be a coming trend or change in the future of the Real Estate market? Absolutely Yes, but as with everything, time will tell.

However, there was a bit of intel we picked up a few weeks ago talking about how Fannie and Freddie were going to sell their Foreclosure inventory at Bulk Sale. A bit different than auctions, but auctions are ramping up. Stay tuned by Subscribing: Click here to Subscribe to our Foreclosure Intel

That's it - "you are probably thinking, that's enough" :) Be Safe - get the best advice you can and team up with a real estate representative that won't run you around that proverbial tree...