Santa Clarita real estate newsNot just in Valencia CA - but in all of the Cities of the Santa Clarita Valley.  Our updates are always at the moment the "new" pricing points are published.  This one is no different - today in the Santa Clarita Valley real estate market you can see the numbers that have just been posted from the Board of Realtors.

If you are looking for the New Listings that have just come onto the market in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Look no further - click on the graph and you will see our "new" real estate page that has been made macBoX capable by typing in the word new into it.

Second - If you are considering heading out to open houses or visiting the new housing tracts before hooking up with a local Santa Clarita real estate agent, take heed and watch this video first.

If you want to see which homes are actually being held open - click our Santa Clarita Open Houses dot com link.  Also, you are going to want to make sure the open house is actually for sale.  You can do this by pointing your mobile device, iPhone, iPad, blackberry, droid or android to and pressing the "Real Estate Search button".  If it is for sale, you will see it showing as active on our SCVRE Real Estate Multiple Listing Service.

Whether you are going to work with our Paris911 Team at REMAX of SCV - or someone else - please, watch this video to keep yourself protected.